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After a few false starts and disappointments, we finally have it all settled.

Two: Lit windows, glowing pink and orange with multicolored Christmas indoor/outdoor lights, hung indoors.
One: Living Christmas tree, decked in many ball ornaments, three non-ball ornaments (one blue Betta, one green penguin with goldfish inside, and one plastic raptor), and topped with a Cardinal bird.
One: Severely confused Sydney, now forced to share the table with a bright red tree skirt and aforementioned living Christmas tree.

Out the windows, we can see the nearly-completed KFC and the lights put up atop the old folks' high rises where Park meets University. Sea World should be starting their fireworks show soon.

Like the song says, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


Sep. 18th, 2007 09:52 pm
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Today is the Gma's 93rd Birthday (and the Third Annual Celebration of Grandma's Last Birthday Ever).

There was pizza.
There was ice cream cake.

The Gma was talking about how, when you get to be her age, you appreciate having family around. Then, she turned to Karot and said, "And you're a part of this family too, whether you like it or not."

Then, after the birthday cake, when Karot was taking pictures, my mother said, "Well, Kelly, if you're really a part of this family, Elisa, you better show your father how to use the camera so he can take a picture of the two of you with your grandma."
Grandma said, "Yes, that's right, that's right."
I showed dad how to work it - "I just push the button, right?" "Yeah."
And so we were getting ourselves situated, and Grandma said to Karot, "That's right. You lose one grandma, you get another one."

And so we had our picture taken with my grandma. She smiled a lot, and she laughed, and then she made us take pictures of my father in a weird hat.

Mama never does anything without a purpose. In two days, it will have been a year and ten months since we began dating. It will be five months since we moved in together come mid-November.

Today, Karot sang "Happy Birthday, Dear Grandma," and maybe really got to mean it.

Jail break!

Jul. 1st, 2007 12:52 am
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From near the fish bowl of Mickey: *t-clink!*
Me: ...
Karot: ...
Me: Did he just throw a rock at-- we aren't letting you out so quit throwing rocks at your bowl!
Karot: ...
Karot: XD

Yuh. We have the weirdest fish ever. Apparently Mickey has decided to redecorate his bowl by flinging his little pebbles around. Crazy bastard.

In other news, we accomplished nothing today beyond going to the store for the olive oil we needed to cook dinner and managing to read 3/4 of a novel out loud. I didn't even put on any pants until well after 7:00. Today has been wonderful. icon too. I are sneaky sneaky like a sneaky sneak. In Mexico we train our ninjas from wee.

Cozy Home.

May. 6th, 2007 04:15 pm
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We have. An apartment. U-unf.

Pictures to come this evening 'cause I never remember to post this kind of stuff until like five minutes before we have to walk out the door.*

Vienna Teng concert here we come.

*There would be more abject squee but we both just woke up from a nap. Aharrrr.
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Copied almost exactly from an email just sent to the wonderful [ profile] ranalore:

Oh! Oh! Speaking of things vaguely related to my utter lack of self-organization (and I really am about to post about this, promise!) I got a full-time job at [Job of Excellence and Joy]! Not the crazy cool one I was hoping for, but still. 37-39 hours a week at my current pay rate is still better than I've been doing that means we can afford to move. Also to make a budget. And I get benefits! Eeesh! I could -- omg -- go to the doctor when I don't feel well! XD


*Oh how I do love quoting the Bear. Her battle cry of victory is just so satisfying somehow. Unf.


Mar. 7th, 2007 09:25 am
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Somewhere in the alley behind where I no longer park my car, there is construction. I think maybe it is the tree trimmers working in the palms that line the street.

Warmer today than it has been, the weather predicts near 80, despite the rain last night. My knee was aching so I knew in advance anyway, but I can hardly mind. It's finally warm enough for my girl to sleep in nothing but a sheet and she is beautiful.

I have been up since six this morning, and even though I tried to sleep for an hour or so, my body just wouldn't have it. Far too early a start if you ask me, but then it gives me this. Maybe later I will clean up the room. Hanging up the laundry will keep me from being frowned at, and I do admit to enjoying less wrinkled clothes as well.

The trees are still falling in the distance, the buzz of chain saws and gas hedge trimmers removed enough that it is like the drone of giant bees. The honey they make is the reminder that spring is coming.

She is beautiful and sleepy. "Put Hayate down and cuddle?"

It is impossible to say no.
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Hallo there, it's [ profile] karotsamused again with another hijack-tastic update. Otherwise Rune would never use her journal. For those of you who are new and don't know me, I'm Rune's girlfriend/fiancee/significant other/better worse better half.

At the moment she's making obscene jokes about the five and one half pounds of ground beef we bought and she is now portioning into one-pound balls. Of meat.

But I am here to regale you with the tale of yesterday, of the trip to Disneyland!

Oh wait. Let me say that one again.


If I knew how to make sparkly text I swear that thing would SPARKLE WITH THE LIGHT OF A THOUSAND GAIS.
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Aha hahahah Busy week ahead starting now okay go!

1. Lolz land lord approves of the new roommate. Unf.

2. TMI girly issue seems to being doing better. Also doc's appointment tomorrow. There is likely to be peeing in cups.


4. A whole week of time off and also homework for the job stuff. Oh Cute J you are too adorable and also a big liar you are totally younger than me. OMG YOU HAVE TO BE LIKE TWELVE WILL ONE OF YOU DATE HIM PLEASE YES I THINK MAY ALREADY BE TURNING INTO MY MENTOR'S MOTHER




*Possibly also my birthday eh heh heh heh.
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Worked many hours today at the Good Job, and then came home to sorta scrounge dinner, avoid doing the dishes and also the laundry. Tomorrow will be a continuation of procrastination the writing I want to get done, the first floor tile that needs vacuuming, mopping and sweeping, along with further abandonment of laundry. Dishes will probably be really funky by then, so their cleaning is gonna have to happen despite my powers of Putting-It-Off-ness.

Today, however, I have managed to half-cook lunch for tomorrow (...why did I think that even overtime would be enough to justify a 10hr shift? Even if it is the Good Job. *facepalm*), and then redo my entire lj layout. Even made a new default icon!

But the best bit of the day was talking to the girl on the phone and telling her all about the new shoes I got (woo!) and the excellent member sales today and how I may actually get to make some use of the iPod shuffle that crazy Jem gave me for Christmas. (No, seriously. WTH? A Shuffle! I have no words to express my giant thankyou to the boy so I just sorta flap my arms around a bit every time it comes up in conversation with anyone).

In other news....

Wayne is coming to visit me for a whole week at the end of January! Just in time for my birthday even! *wiggle dance flail!* Time off has be secured, the house will be cleaned by then, and and and omg I haven't seen her in more than two years and I'm so so so so SO excited. Seriously. Rarwoot!

Today has been a good day. Yes. Knowing my Girl gets home on Saturday doesn't hurt anything either. My spaz fit being done for the evening I'm going to go up to bed and finish my book about poncy British Magician-type boys and be amused until I fall asleep.
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My seven and half hour shift at the Walmart of the coffee world is over, which is good. My girlfriend is many, many hours away and without internet, which is sad. But it is windy out, and rainy, and I have a brand new book to finish, so things are at the very least snugly and warm inside.

I think I may make myself a cup of tea and then read until I fall asleep on the sofa.

So how are YOU all spending this week between Christmas and New Years?


Nov. 13th, 2006 06:44 pm
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