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Okay, so it's been established that Bobby Drake joined the X-Men somewhere between the ages of 14 and 16, but does anyone out there -- and frankly, I'd be surprised if anyone did, consider I'm pretty sure none of the writers would know age canon if it came and punched them in the face -- have any idea how old he is now? I've heard 26, but then he was in college back in... lord, like the 80's some time, and though he's got a degree in accounting I can't find that they ever actually had him graduate.

What really matters though is that the stuff with Cloud happened before he turned 21. I'm just hoping the stuff with Emma Frost did too.

And sure, I could use Ultimate!Bobby, but really, where's the potential for emo fun? He wasn't chased by a lynch mob and then busted out of jail after his first date. Heh.

...Also my nefarious reason for trying to figure out at which point he would have been 21 shouldn't concern you at all. *shifty eyes*
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[ profile] little_details actually got a remarkably useful question and answer about the feel and texture of penises. I have to say, that as much as I already know about the subject, the answers left me amused to no end. Particularly the woman who actually did a field test on her husband.

I heart fandom. XD

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Gotta get me some of these.

One of these too.

[ profile] ranalore and I talked about Ed getting older in the manga and then here's an excellent discussion of it. With pictures even!

Poem: Old Men )

Also, I'm trying to cut back on the 150 email I have sitting in my inbox. So, if you're getting waaaaaay back dated comments? That's why. Wheeee. *facepalms* Heh.
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All right, it's not subtext, or even deep at all, but I haven't used this icon in a while and I wanted to.

Am spending my lunch at the library, which, it turns out, has free wireless internet. My lunches have just become 63% less productive.

Except that I figured out some fairly interesting stuff about vaguely squick-tastic FMA medical spoilers. )
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Is there anyone out there that can tell me the average speed of a steam train? I'd like to try and calculate travel times but I need either miles or kilometers per hour to get it to work.

Also, if you were wondering the distance between London and Munich is 572 miles or 920.4 kilometers, give or take a little.

ETA: Heh, or if anyone could just tell me how long it would take to go that far by train, that would work too.
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I have done my alloted amount of Saturday morning sleeping in and now I am going to clean up the house. The parents get home tonight and I'd like them to come home to something somewhat better than a total disaster. Actually, really all I need to do is vaccuum and do the dishes, but still. I hate doing the dishes. Shut up, being an adult means that do the dishes, not that you have like doing them.

But first I'm going to do a little bit of a squee. Or well, not really, actually. More of a "Umm...heh."

Because, I always knew Roy was short. I just didn't realize he was that short.

This means that if you do the conversion he's only 5'6-and-a-bit feet. It also means that Ed is only 4'9", but I'm more stuck on the Roy part.

Rana, we really have cast these characters too tall. Heh.

Though, if you look at the cast as a whole you'll see that they seem to run fairly short across the board. I mean, I'd always figured Hughes to be at least 6'-6'2" and here he is at something close to maybe 5'9" or so. This does show, though, that the height difference between Ed and Roy isn't as extreme as it sometimes feels. You look at the possibilities of growth for Ed and, sure, he'll always be shorter, but not necessarily that much shorter. Though, at this point I'm still amused to be taller than he is. What matters most, all things considered, are the proportions, not the actual feet and inches, and I'm wondering if for the purposes of my own fic I can't fudge things a little. Would that really throw off everything so terribly? I mean Runecanon already has some fairly strong if totally random points that I plan to stick to, so is messing with height that big a deal?

It's also interesting to note that of all Roy's men Havoc is the tallest (he seems to be just past 6'), though Armstrong is of a height with Al, at 7'2". The fact though that Fury is barely taller than Ed makes me wonder about height requirements for their military.

Because Trisha and Hohenhiem aren't included on this list either it leaves a fair number of possibilities open for the height of a restored!Al -- who one could reasonably assume would be taller than his brother -- though, I'd be willing to take a guess at Hohenheim's being well over 6'. Something closer in the neighborhood of Scar at 6'2"-6'3". This means that if Trisha is at least of a height with, say, Hawkeye or Ross, then Al stands a good chance of really towering over most of the men in his life.

...too many plot issues running around in my head to deal with this properly right now. much to think about.


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