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So following a random discussion today, the Girl and I have decided we need to track down some porn.

No, no, gay porn. As in with just boys. No, yeah, it's no big deal, just that Karot's never seen any, and I only saw it with friends in college (Oh drama dept. boys how I miss you).

Our problem is this: We have no idea what to rent, or a non-scary place we can rent it.

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somanyficideaszomg )
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[ profile] karotsamused here.

So, to start off, before I make rampant fun of my girlfriend, I'll begin with a notice from Cupcake Land last night.

Rune: *around the middle of the night, trying to get me to roll over* *nudge*
Me: *mumble mumble*
Rune: Aaahh, just roll over--
Me: Yeah, but-- *snuggle!* Stupid salad dressing.
Rune: . . .
Me: Nnh. *GLOMP*


Now then. We have been watching Super Junior vids this morning (thanks, girlfriend) and I was reminded of another day when Rune was looking up images of the boys for Sweet Design (If you're not clued in, we like 5/13ths of SuJu and the rest are now called Bling Bling Balls). Later on she had a dumb moment and blamed it on "too much Stupor Junior".

Cue XD

Then, this morning, after watching many a Youtube vid, she comments to me, "I like our girls. --BOYS! OUR BOYS I LIKE OUR BOYS."


Stupor Junior indeed.
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We're trying to get through as much Naruto on the TiVo as we can before the service gets turned off on Saturday. This means I'm watching while very tired and exceptionally snarky.


I am so painful... )

...soooooo... We watched up until spoiler fought spoiler and the big spoiler died and we both cried and felt silly, but they cut out Kakashi's part 'cause the ep recorded funny, and now we're home but they've already turned the cable off and that means all the eps we had left are gone.

Anyone out there want to pimp us tv shows by sending us disks? We're gonna be cable-less and completely susceptible to all kiiiiiiiiiiinds of suggestion. H-harrr.
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[ profile] karotsamused speaking. At the moment, Rune is chowing down on fast food because THERE ARE NO PLATES IN THE OLD APARTMENT. All the kitchen stuff aside from the pantry snacks are iiiiin the neeeew kitchen.

...Where are we going to put all this?

...Also Sasuke is so badass. I'm going to miss him when he gets put in that barrel.
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Welcome one and all, to [ profile] runefallstar and [ profile] karotsamused's ANIME THEME PARK.

You heard right. Think Disneyland, but for all of your favorite Anime. We've got a few going so far.

Bleach: The Psychaedelic Hollow Hunt: Follow Your Favorite Reaper as they beat the begeebus out of Hollows! It'll be Indy-esque, only you're gonna have Kon in your ear the whole time.

FMA: Most Depressing Ride In the History Of the Universe: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll go home and hug your mother. I'm sure there are a few curlicues in there somewhere, but it'll end with you leaving, brushing snow out of the lapels of your coat, and wishing they let you see Naked Ed a little longer during the Array Drop Into The Gate.

Naruto: Fly through the trees! This one's a suspension ride where you dash with Team 7 (or what's left of it) and Shikamaru after Gaara and Sasuke. Watch out or you'll end up in a sandy coffin! Or a barrel.

Naruto: IN A BARREL: Careening down a raging river of death! You are Sasuke, stuck in a barrel for episode after episode. Think Haunted Mansion, but with lots more of Naruto and Sasuke kissing accidentally. It ends when the barrel is broken open and you gaze into the leering welcome of your new Dom Orochimaru.

Naruto: Konoha Training Park for the little ones: It'll have a ball pit. And Target Practice with suction cup kunai.

Naruto: False Shuriken Ride: You are Naruto, flung by Sasuke past Zabuza - spin out of control through this whiplash of a wild time.

Prince of Tennis: Be Lobbed across the court in this exciting match! Feel like you're there!

Cowboy Bebop: Space race! Pilot the Swordfish II with Spike and blow out the engines of those nasty space police trying to get your bounty!

Samurai Champloo: Sneak through the bamboo looking for gay fireflies. Ah ha. Actually it'd be more like Soarin' - IMAX swordfights, what?

Dai Guard: YOU TOO CAN PILOT DAI GUARD AND FIGHT HETERODYNE! The most Rockin Mech-based ride EVAR. Get bitched at by Ayame and whats-her-face, win Shirota's heart, and SAAAAVE TOKYO!!!

Saiyuki: Ride the Jeep to the West - comes with your own shorejuu. You get points for shooting the fark out of demons, but if they get too close, you lose your sutra!

Trigun: Brilliant Dynamites Neon: Ride an out-of-control sand steamer through the canyon - will you stop before the sudden drop? Bonus Tower-Of-Terror Ending!


Our park's nowhere near full yet. Any ideas?
(COME ON! JOIN IN! It's fun!)
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While watching Cars:

Me ([ profile] karotsamused): They're (Doc and the Sherriff) so gay together!
Rune: I know!
Me: Happy little gay cars.
Rune: Ohhhh *makes face*
Me: What.
Rune: Gojyo's just sitting in my head trying to figure out the logistics of car sex.
Me: ...Use... oil?
Rune: He got as far as tailpipes before I said NO MORE
Me: You know these cars have tongues.
Rune: Eeeeesh!! I thought we said rimming was a never times play!!
Me: What else are cars supposed to do?
Rune: I guess your tailpipe's easier to clean than other things.
Rune: ...Well, I mean, it's not like he's licking your oil pan.
Me: ...

One day Rune swears she'll update again, but likely it'll only happen when I take dictation. Life has been wonky for all involved.
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The three of us (Rune, Me, and Rune's Roomie) are watching the Disney Original movie Jump In!

Corbin Bleu is RIDICULOUSLY gay. All you have to do is listen to him speak.
The movie itself is about a boxer (Corbin) learning to love... double dutch jump rope. And break the news to his boxer father.
"No son of mine---"

Me: This movie is totally a metaphor.
Rune: It is!
Roomie: It's not -even- a metaphor. It's a simile.
Us: XD

Rune: I don't think I like those boys you been hangin' out with...

Not only is he pretty like a pretty thing, but he looks more excited watching all the dudes around him than with his love interest. You get both gratuitous tummy -and- his weirdly coordinated outfits.

And every line is gay. Really. Really. Gay.

Is it bad to think seriously lewd things about a Disney sponsored teenager? But I mean. He's a DANCER. And he's GORGEOUS. And he screeeeeams for -really- sweaty sex. Like the loud, wall-breaking kind. Because. He's a DANCER. Nnnnnnngh.

Also lawl whenever he's supposed to be "shy" about "liking" the love interest? He just looks disgusted and creeped out. EeeeeeEEEEEw girly bits.

No. Seriously. Corbin Bleu. Will somebody fuck him please?

Rune's ETA: No. Seriously. Wall. Rattling. Sex. Uuung. Damnit. Someone someone someone must write.
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So that I don't have to write it:

In which Jae totally kicks Bobby Flay's ASS and Iron Chef is never the same.

Unf, subconscious, unf.
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Title: Chef's Special
Author: Rune
Words: 1,236
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] ranalore, because this crack just won't stop. Beta'd by [ profile] karotsamused, and based roughly (okay, more than roughly) on first this and then this.
Summary: It is her job to cook food for people. And then there are those that she feeds.

Today was different however. Her daughter, her youngest son too for that matter, had made her promise to watch the show, at least a little. )


Nov. 13th, 2006 06:44 pm
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