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Because I currently have Weiss on the brain and while I should go out and be a normal young person, I'm tired and posting drabbles instead.

Title: Severance Pay.
Author: Rune
Word Count: 100
Summary: Because you can't take it with you...

Today the Tokyo Bureau for Missing and Exploited Children received the largest monetary gift in its history. The donation is anonymous.

Today a girl in the Tokyo Police Hospital was moved to a private facility. She’ll awaken in 4 months with no memory. It won’t be recovered.

Today Tokyo University established a soccer scholarship. All recipients will receive regular random drug testing.

Today a Tokyo PI received an envelope containing a check for several hundred million yen, four encoded disks and instructions to begin by investigating the murder of a woman three years earlier. His findings will rock the country.
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Title: Punchline
Author: Rune
Words: Double drabble (200)
Characters: Ken, Aya.
Notes: I say things to [ profile] ranalore, and she just nods and smiles and lets me talk myself right into the corners inhabited by rabid plot bunnies. This is what happens. Beta'd by her and written for [ profile] wk_100's challenge this week.

Okay, so where was I? Right, penguins!  )
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Title: Taking Stock
Author: Rune
Words: 200
Notes: In the last week I've gone to the beach, gone hiking, gone shopping at REI and gotten sunburned. When [ profile] wk_100 had the challenge "Anywhere but Japan," where else was I going to send Ken? 'Sides, I know people out there who've had good luck in retail dating lately. Why can't my boy? (Beta'd by [ profile] ranalore)

It was a city that was supposed to have everything. The store was supposed to cater right to that; the sign said, “Outdoor supplies.” Soccer totally counted. He'd nearly walked out again when he'd found they didn’t hold quite the same opinion. But then he'd seen the climbing wall.

Just there. For anyone to use. So he had.

Then there'd been the hiking gear. The ultralight steel-framed, gortex-lined, backpacking pack practically had his name stitched across the front. That the sales guy had smiled at him in spite of the accent and the dance that had been charades for "How many pounds will this thing hold, and do you have a medium?" hadn’t hurt either.

What sealed the deal was when that same sales guy had offered him surfing lessons.

"Good waves. Not too big." And he had smiled, working through the hand motions for, "And there's hiking in the mountains too. I can show you."

So there Ken was, standing next to a rental car he hated with a couple hundred dollars’ worth of gear he didn’t need, no new soccer cleats, and a phone number.

This city might not have everything, but so far, they were comin’ close.
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Title: Taste for This.
Author: Rune
Words: 100
Notes: Inspired by [ profile] ranalore's drabble, "Hit the Vein." Beta'd by her too.

Shaving accidents happen to everyone. Even Aya, but it's a rarity; Ken seems fascinated, he's been staring at Aya's face for the last fifteen minutes.

"What?" Aya's voice is harsh, annoyed, but Ken doesn't flinch, barely dragging his eyes up to meet Aya's before they flick down again.

"Your face. There's blood."

Ken moves before Aya can respond. Licking his thumb, he drags it across the hard line of Aya's jaw. Warm and slick it stings, calluses pulling at raw skin.

"There." Looking pleased Ken slides his thumb into his mouth, sucking it clean.

Accidents happen to everyone. Even Aya.
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I killed the ikkou once, I come very close to the end of Weiss here.

Title: Ghost Writer
Word Count: 100 x 4
Characters: Weiss
Series: Kapitel
Summary: Some instructions you leave behind...

He bought the lockbox on a whim; it holds his few important papers. )
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So, I spam with drabbles these days. Go me. If the folks at WK_100 hate me...well, at least Rana's been almost as prolific as I have. Takes the edge of guilt off. Or something. Heh.

Title: Holding Pattern
Author: Rune
Word Count: 100
Characters: Omi
Series: Kapitel
Author's Notes: Conclusion of the series started by [ profile] ranalore with, Job Security, and continued by me in Perpetual Motion and Inertia. Beta'd by Rana as usual.

He gets up in the morning and turns on his computer before he’s fully awake. He doesn’t get much mail, Kritiker’s filters don’t allow for spam, but sometimes there are letters and he doesn’t like the idea of missing them. Their words make this stab at “normal’ almost worthwhile. Class never occupies his brain enough; the day’s homework done early, all he has to fill the time is dinner.

He used to try going to bed without logging in, but he worries that word’ll reach him too late; he only sleeps to fill the time until he can check again.
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Look! I've got a Youji muse! ...except I'm not really any nicer to him than I am to Ken. Oh dear.

Title: Inertia
Author: Rune
Word Count: 100
Characters: Youji
Series: Kapitel
Author's Notes: Companion piece to [ profile] ranalore’s Job Security and my Perpetual Motion. Beta'd by Rana as usual.

He gets up in the afternoon and goes to pick up cigarettes. Most days he sleeps past lunch, so he smokes his meal instead. If he doesn’t already have a date lined up he heads out to make himself available. In the beginning he looked for jobs, easy ones; cheating husbands and missing relatives, but being dead makes getting a PI license hard and he’s saved more money than he thought, so now he stays out late and comes home later.

It doesn’t matter if at noon, his bed is empty. Other people have to work; he used to too.
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Apparently I show my love for my Kenmuse by torturing him...Awww...poor boy just needs a hug.

Title: Role Model
Author: Rune
Word Count: 100
Characters: Ken
Notes: Beta'd by [ profile] ranalore.

They call him Coach. They ask questions about everything, soccer, how to run faster, why he’s so strong. He tells them, “Practice hard,” and “Get lots of sleep,” and “Eat your vegetables.” He tries to give them good advice, says again what their parents have, “Do unto others,” and “Don’t play with fire,” and “Beware of strangers.” He tells them to stick by their friends; when they fight he makes them apologize, shake hands. They tell him they want to be just like him when they grow up. He wants to ask them if they’ve heard a word he’s said.
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Title: Perpetual Motion
Author: Rune
Word Count: 100
Characters: Ken
Series: Kapitel
Author's Notes: Companion piece to [ profile] ranalore’s Job security. Beta'd by Rana as well.

He gets up in the morning and goes for a run. There’s no one to remind him to eat lunch, and more often than not it slips his mind entirely. No practice until after school lets out leaves him too many hours to fill. He toys with the idea of a second job, but instead finds himself running marathon journeys with no destination. At night he stays on the pitch long after the kids have left.

If he sleeps with his face pressed to the grass it is only so he’ll be ready to move before the sun comes up.
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Title: Perchance
Author: Rune
Words: 100
Notes: Originally much longer than 100 words, [ profile] ranalore did a live and in person beta. This first foray into my new fandom is for her.

Aya sleeps, back to the door, face to the window. It isn’t faith, isn’t trust; he knows there are two floors and three men between him and strangers.

Youji’s on his stomach, arms beneath his head. No clothes between skin and sheets; some nights he pretends the breath blowing back from the pillow isn’t his.

Omi rests against the headboard, book in lap. The numbers, equations, dead kings will still be there in the morning, if nothing else.

Ken curls around his pillow. He’d read or watch tv, but these days it’s cold; knowing sleep won’t come is comfort enough.


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