Mar. 6th, 2007 11:37 pm
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Karot here.

Rune: *driving the car doo doo doo*
Rune: *sneezes three times in rapid succession*
Rune: *shakes herself... looks around, then up, very much a deer in headlights*
Rune: *...* *shakes herself again and drives*
Me: ...You okay?
Rune: Aaaaaahhh.
Me: Sneeze your brains out?
Rune: Yus. I had a moment where I forgot where I was, and then I was like WHY AM I DRIVIN A CAAAR?
Rune: *flaaaaaaily!*
Me: So what you're saying is that when you looked up just then it was the look of "Holy crap! A moonroof!"
Rune: asdf;lkjadsgh *flail flail flaaail* a;ldkf
Rune: ... Rar.
Me: *this is meeeee laughing at yooooou*

...My girlfriend is made of win and awesome. Srsly. There are no words for how hard I laughed.
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...dang it. Totally want a tattoo again.

Someone either talk me out of this or give me ideas. Wrrrrrrrrry.
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Considering the length of time since the last time I made a genuinely meaningful/informative/non-poetic update, I think the best I can hope for at this point is a list. Followed by the false promise of more updates in the future. Or something.

List of events of Mild Interest (no particular order or importance attached to numerical position)

1) I must, by tomorrow, have gotten a Food Handler's License for the cost of $25. Non-reimbursable. Javamart, I curse you and your coffee wares. Or, more importantly, your Soon To Arrive warmed up breakfast sandwiches. Pfft.

2) Had a 26th birthday sometime at the end of January which was pleasantly unexciting, and really quite nice for it's quiet and overall relaxedness.

3) New roommate. Though many of you have heard about this already. It's nice to not to have to worry about where that extra $650 for rent is going to come from.

4) Found trail runners that fit. IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME TOO.

5) Diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and was poked at for a bit but now there are girly-pills of Happiness and Joy, which should help with things. U-unf.

6) Been approached about a promotion to full-time at the Job of Great Joy and Happiness. Good thoughts? Please please yes benefits and a little raise and good hours and I AM REALLY FINALLY REALLY SERIOUSLY GOOD AT A JOB I LOVE OHGODYESYES

7) ...I just thought I saw big sweaty men-sex on regular cable, but it was just wrestling. Oh well.

8) Sir? If you hate the way that brand fits and wears out too fast and rubs at your ankles? Stop. Buying. Them.

9) For all that I rarely update, I DO read my flist and stalk quite a few of you. H-hi you're cute and I have a brain crush on you. But also you should totally be dating that friend of yours heeee socute!

10) Getting to know some friends I already had a little bit better has just. Made the world a more excellent place. Seriously. We need to go do stuff more. ...LIKE THAT ONE STORE WITH RUBBER IN THE NAME. :D :D :D

11) The oranges at my parent's place are finally ripe. I think I could live off those things. Nnngsogood.

12) Being the lucky girlfriend of the bestest woman on earth makes me stupid happy, and I am reminded of this every day. Hi, baby I love you. ...I'm totally making squash anyway BUT I STILL LOVE YOU.

1..3...) ....Um. Eh heh. This is why I don't post 'cause I hit the point of "Um... I'm not interesting any more 'cause I'm hungry and want my Girl to get done with work so I can cuddle already."

Which is the point where I say, heeeeey. I'll post again soonish. Um. When I'm not thinking quite so much about how good an avocado sandwich would be right now.
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Medical poll 'cause it's too early to call and worry my mom like I just did my girlfriend.


[Poll #912367]
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Yo, dudes, it is the highly-esteemed and not-oft-seen [ profile] karotsamused ganking Rune's journal.

As y'all have heard, Rune is sick like a sick thing. She is very feverish and not a happy kid. I bought lots of soup so at least she'll be ok.

I have two main points for posting.


Your package came and I nearly died of squee what the hell you guys are so awesome also Rune says hi she's really sick but she loves you both EEEEEEEEEEEE love.


Corbin Bleu, the fifteen-year-old we feel like utter pedophiles for wanting to tongue-bathe.
Watch it with the Mute on

...Yeah, he's really hot.

And now, we watch Sasuke fight Gaara. Yey.
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I made it through a whole day of work yesterday, and even a an hour and bit at a family dinner last night.

Except now I've lost the ability to breath through my nose and sleep in exchange for a cough that doesn't come up too often but when it does is genuinely painful, and a sneeze. Seriously. It's kinda life vomiting my brains out. Who sneezes like that?

This can't be just a cold. It's gotta be the flu or something. I don't remember being this sick for this long in ages. Ugh.

Can't afford to skip any more days of work, but I'm also not sure I can handle my Sunday inventory hours. 6pm-2am? I have Monday off, but I worry being up and on my feet for that long, that late might kill me.

Dunwanna die.


Jan. 4th, 2007 08:57 am
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It's not fair. Usually when a person is sick and work is skipped because of this, there's some sense of "Whew. I think maybe I feel a little better already."

But not today. All I can think about is that I've missed two full days of work and now fail at life.

Stupid defeatist attitude that comes with being sick.

Going to work tomorrow. No. Matter. What. RAR. the mean time I'm going to drink Thera-flu and hope that my stupid stupid fever goes down.

Nuh huh.

Jan. 3rd, 2007 07:47 pm
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I change my diagnosis.

When I die of bird flu [ profile] karotsamused gets it all.



Jan. 3rd, 2007 11:41 am
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Also? I have a head cold.

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No seriously. Since when have I gotten stomach cramps? The hell?

Felt a little... not bad, but off, when I got up this morning. Decided I should go to work anyway because it wasn't the kind of thing were I felt poorly enough to skip doing stuff. Except then I got an attack of nearly crippling stomach cramps on the freeway and had to spend several minutes in the work parking lot doing deep breathing exercises.

At this point I've figured out if I hunch over just so, and move as little as possible it's bearable. Which is hardly the way anyone should have to spend a work day. Which also means I'm going to finish up one thing I've been working on for like three weeks and then try and go home. Where at least if I throw up, I can fake a little dignity and do it in privacy.

What the hell, body, what the hell?

ETA: Home now. Going to see if I can eat something and then I'm laying down. Poke me on IM if you feel so inclinded.
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Stupid introspection. )

In other news, my right wrist is killing me. I think I might just ice it. Ow.


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