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The haiku meme was posted again. And yes we had too much fun with it.

All of my Girl's have been bolded (except the cut tag, which is mine) and the others are, well, mine. Dude, we talk about some random stuff on our journals. HEH.

(You can make your own haiku's here.)

have been flickerings stray desires nights she turned to karot and said )
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Me: *reading lj*
Karot: *realizes she's scraped her leg open when she hit it with the car door earlier*
Me: DDD:
Karot: Yeah. I was like, "Why is my leg itchy? Oh. Decay."
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So I've spent my day so far making High School Musical icons. It's full of shiny and happy and sparkles and adorable little blonde girls in tons of pink.

But what kind of world would be complete without some kind balance?

Welcome Bearforce1, everybody.*

Considering that I saw a guy at work with the bear paw tattooed on his ankle, I find this just right and good and proper somehow.

*Seriously. They're not a joke. They're just made of freakin' Hollandish Awesome.
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So following a random discussion today, the Girl and I have decided we need to track down some porn.

No, no, gay porn. As in with just boys. No, yeah, it's no big deal, just that Karot's never seen any, and I only saw it with friends in college (Oh drama dept. boys how I miss you).

Our problem is this: We have no idea what to rent, or a non-scary place we can rent it.

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...Whenever classic rock gets played right outside our window I always have this mental image of Sam and Dean sitting out there in their Impala waiting for the light to change 'cause they're circling the block. It's totally because that neighbor on the other side of us who we've never seen even once is really a vampire.

I mean when we moved in we were told he was some kind of professional fighter.

They must have meant fighter. Of the Night.
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So [ profile] wordsofastory gave me a letter to do for this meme AGES ago and I, having finally gotten around to going through my inbox again, am finally doing it. H-harrr.

Alphabet meme
Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

[ profile] wordsofastory gave me "N".

N is for Nipple which is Not a word I use here. )

...So comment if you want a letter. I'll give you one. Doooo eeeeet.


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