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Hallo there, it's [ profile] karotsamused again with another hijack-tastic update. Otherwise Rune would never use her journal. For those of you who are new and don't know me, I'm Rune's girlfriend/fiancee/significant other/better worse better half.

At the moment she's making obscene jokes about the five and one half pounds of ground beef we bought and she is now portioning into one-pound balls. Of meat.

But I am here to regale you with the tale of yesterday, of the trip to Disneyland!

Oh wait. Let me say that one again.


If I knew how to make sparkly text I swear that thing would SPARKLE WITH THE LIGHT OF A THOUSAND GAIS.


Nov. 13th, 2006 06:44 pm
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So. Hi, again, this is [ profile] karotsamused hijacking the Livejournal again.

I just did one of the grossest things that I've ever done.

You see, back in...when was it, January? Rune got a watermelon to get ready for her birthday party. It went unused, ignored, and acquired a home atop the refrigerator.
A few weeks ago, we noticed it growing things.
Today, we got home from a nice dinner at Panda Now and Rune turned to me, saying, "...Does this apartment smell funny to you?"

We plastic-bagged our hands, Rune got up on a chair, and I held the garbage bag while we slid putrid watermelon off of the top of the refrigerator, and I ran it out to the dumpster as fast as I could. On the way, the bag creaked like breaking, and the watermelon refused to enter the dumpster until I gave it a good what-for. I was terrified of that watermelon.
The smell was not unlike sour death.

I left Rune inside to clean off the top of the fridge, and, apparently, to speculate on the nature of our experiment in ass-nasty.

"I think sometime during the night, it lost its structural integrity, and the bottom flattened out. 'Cause if it had been smelly earlier there would have been a puddle of goo, but there was only the -outline- of a puddle of goo. Also, it was cleaned away with a 409 Multi-surface cleaner. Left a nice soapy smell. Sort of like Scrubbing Bubbles."

So now, the Watermelon Of Ages rests in the dumpster out in the garage. Man. That was a terrifying fruit.

"...I have the best girlfriend ever! Brave, facing the squishy beast!"
Damn right she does.
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No, really, I've got a possum in a bucket in my backyard and I don't know what to do.


The poodles (who are currently locked in the bathroom and not at all happy about it) cornered this possum and it climbed into one of those five gallon black plastic pots plants come in from the nursery (Dad's a landscaper and there's tons of that stuff laying around here), but now I don't know what to do with it.

Can I just take a the rake and knock the pot over and hope the possum runs out? I can't leave for work with the poodles in the bathroom because that would be just cruel. But I can't really leave the possum out there either.

I really, really don't want to pick up a little plastic bucket full of really freaked out possum.

...animal control? How does a person decide if it's worth calling animal control?

*flails and runs off to see if the five minutes this took to write was enough to make the possum leave on it's own*

ETA I: Possum still in bucket. I went next door and the very nice neighbors gave me the box their new coffee pot had come in and I'm going to see if I can tip the possum into the box. ...Yeah, that's kinda what I said, but hey, I've gotta start somewhere.

ETA II: Okay, no. That box is so not strong enough to hold what is, on closer inspection, a very, very large possum. Gah! What am I supposed to do?
...Okay, I'm going to google animal control. Just to see... *faceplams and relies on the internets like the good little nerd she is*

ETA III: Solution. Find a box trolley/dolly/lifter thing and wheel the possum (still in bucket) to the little gated area off to the side of the house. Let small dogs out of bathroom.
Problem. Discover that there's a hole in the fence between yard and gated off area and yard. Put dogs back inside. Bedroom this time.
Solution: Get out lifter, and move possum (still in bucket) all the way to the front yard and store under some bushes. Prepare to release dogs a second time.
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"Nothing saddens me more than mediocre evil."

Amy for King!


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