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Title: The Rub
Author: Rune *shame*
Words: 1395 (omgwtfbbq! >_<)
Rating: NC-17. For. Um. Feathers.
Notes: Sooo... [ profile] wildelamassu put up a picture of Hazel, happend to say to me, "Poor Sanzo. I bet he has nightmares about being tied to the bed with a feather boa." To this I can only say, "Oh, does he ever." So, I guess this is for her. Because, the bunnies, they come when you're least expecting them. Anyways, I'll have you all know that this is also my first. Porn. Ever. And look what I did! *flails* Good Lord. XD And a huge thanks to [ profile] karotsamused, for sitting through all the flailing. And the beta. *G*
Summary: Everyone has nightmares. Even Sanzo.

A short struggle only manages to send a cloud of *something* floating into the air. )
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Title: The Taste of Home.
Author: Rune
Notes: Beta'd by [ profile] ranalore. Originally this was supposed to be the beginning of a much longer piece, but it (meaning I) lost steam and it was abandoned on the hard drive. Showed it to [ profile] new_kate though, who rather liked it and suggested I share it anyway. So this one's for her.

Gojyo looked down into the small steaming cup in his hands. It was only tea. )
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[ profile] snowyheart started it with this story and then was kind enough to give it to me. There have been three drabbles, and now I bring you a fourth.

From the recently named Hollow Men reincarnation universe.*

Title: Shutter.
Author: Rune
Words: 100
Notes: Beta'd by [ profile] ranalore and dedicated to the three or four people out there who actually made me feel ridiculously happy by asking for more about Mark and Ryan.
Summary: Mark got the first one in high school. )

*I know it's not the roadtrip fic, but it's coming, I swear!
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Beta'd by [ profile] ranalore and [ profile] pvt_tiger, the second in the 7 fic self challenge: One fic for every cd of music Rana gave me. Also inspired by the crossover challenge at [ profile] 100_roadtrips.

Title: Bridge.
Author: Rune
Words: 100 x 6
Fandoms: Saiyuki/Yami no Matsui.
Summary: How could you walk across that broken bridge? )
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Written for the "Battle" challenge at [ profile] 100_roadtrips. One story told in four parts. Because we don't know how the battle will end...

Title: Destination.
Author: Rune
Words: 100 x 4
Summary: There is no promise of a return.

It will not be hard. )

* * * * *

It will not be cold. )

* * * * *

It will not be quiet. )

* * * *

It will not be dark. )
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Entirely the fault of [ profile] wildelamassu, who mentioned "This Place is a Prison," and melted my brain from the inside out.

Title: Slip of the Tongue
Author: Rune
Words: 100
Summary: Kenren pays more attention than people think. )

May or may not write something longer with this as a start. Don't know enough about Gaiden though. Maybe if someone else wants to work with me? *looks at WL pointedly*
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For [ profile] snowyheart because, damn it, I owe you more of that story and keep forgetting to send it to you while Diego's online.

Title: Beginning
Author: Rune
Words: 100
Summary: Everything starts somewhere...

Why'd you do it? )

Title: Invitation
Author: Rune
Words: 100
Summary: The first dinner.

If you sat down too fast it'd slice you in half ass-upwards. )

Title: Wasted
Author: Rune
Words: 100
Summary: You can not rescue those who do not wish to be saved.

He'd watched her. )
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A continuation of the previous drabble? Maybe.

Title: Awake
Author: rune*
Words: 200 in words in two parts

He doesn’t move, instead lies even more still. )
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Muse abandonment is not an issue I have to deal with often, but when it does happen, it's painful. This time the return has been slow, coming in fits and starts, but at least they're (he's) trying.

Title: Apology
Author: rune*
Words: 100
Summary: Some things are easier than words.

Clean clothes, folded... )
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Title: Chivalry
Author: Rune
Words: 100
Summary: Quiet, earned.

Hakkai had gone upstairs early with a headache, which was understandable. )

[Note: Gojyo muse has hijacked my entire brain. At least I get to write about it.]
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A moment that's existed in my head for a while now and has finally been written in between data entry chunks.

Title: Static
Author: rune
Rating: R (for sexual content)
Pairing: Sanzo/Hakkai
Summary: Fear is a many splendored thing.

A hard black noise like rushing water that made him bite down on his lip to trap a name within his mouth. )
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[ profile] sariyuki!! You're wonderful! *laughs a little guiltily* And I know how much this assignment made you crazy too -- But I love it!

For those of you that don't know, the 838 Secret Santa Project is now complete and you can enjoy all of the gifts, here. Sari's great little story is, Diorama, which I now demand that you all read.

One of the things that made this project so great was that neither the Santas nor the recipients knew who was writing for whom, so, I was stoked to learn this morning that my story (which took FOREVER because I had NO IDEA what to do, and then finally came up with something -- but that's epic and currently very much a WIP -- and then when I finally came up with this idea...yeah, a day before we had to have the gifts in!) was written for [ profile] chaosd. Woot! Love, I hope you enjoy it. Herbal Remedies, can also be found at the SSP vault, but for posterity, I repost it, here:

Title: Herbal Remedies
Author: rune
Summary: Sometimes acting like a kid is the only way to get any “grow-up time.”

It was silent. Blessedly, and supremely silent. It was heaven. )
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A challenge drabble (#3 - things that go bump in the night) for [ profile] 100_roadtrips. Stupid Nii muse work up right alongside my alarm this morning, and I actually had to get up and wander around the house until I found a pen and paper, and then write this down before I could even think about getting ready for work. Or going back to bed. Bastard.

Title: Preamble
Author: rune
Words: 100
Pairing: Kou, insinuations of Kou/Nii (Damn it TJ!)
Summary: Kougaiji's world is shifting.

The castle was changing around him. )
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For [ profile] tj_dragonblade, who's promised to give them a chance...

[Edit: Because I was cruel to [ profile] chaosd. *hopeful* but I think that she'll forgive me.]

Title: Promise
Author: rune
Summary: One day you'll find someone... )
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A quote, which, I fear describes me perfectly...

"I tell myself stories all day long. I have managed to weave a fairy-tale of infinite complexity around the inanimate objects in my house... No one in my family is surprised to find me putting the waffle iron away on a different shelf has quarreled with the toaster... It looks kind of crazy, of course. But it does take the edge off cold reality."
--Shirley Jackson

Also, a drabble. (For [ profile] sariyuki, because she wrote me one. And [ profile] karose, because headaches are terrible.)

Title: Drive
Author: rune*
Words: 100
Summary: Sometimes it’s almost worth it.

One hand on the steering wheel, he reached out with the other... )
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Written for the, [ profile] 100_roadtrips, challenge #9: Reincarnation.

Dedicated to [ profile] karose, because I got the idea from the adult ballet class. *G*

Title: Art
Author: rune
Words: 100
Summary: Sometimes it’s just the lighting. must have been trick from the lights, bright and gaudy colours... )
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Okay, yeah. I was going to go to bed ages ago. I'd even turned Diego off all the way. When, Bam! This hits. A Saiyuki fic for you all to enjoy.

(Please note: this fic was inspired many moons ago by a very brief conversation with...well, I can't remember who right now, but we were talking about the way these boys lend themselves to metaphor, and so, whoever you were -- this fic's for you.)

[Edit: One line has been deleated from the original post because [ profile] permetaform is better at science than I am. (also, [ profile] chaosd noticed too.) Way to go smart girls!]

Title: Like water
Author: rune*
Characters: Goku, Hakkai, Sanzo (hints of 38)
Summary: We learn something new every day.

“But what about people?” Goku’s eyes, wide and serious, stopped the laugh, long before it left Hakkai’s mouth. )

X-posted to [ profile] gold_magic and [ profile] saiyukiwriters.

(Going to bed now. If you love me you'll leave me feed back. Please?)


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