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To begin with, a huge, huge, thank you to everyone who commented on freakout yesterday. *sheepish* Thank guys.

And now for...

The lovely [ profile] karotsamused has been writing Samurai Champloo. And she's doin' a little bit of everything, Jin and Mugen flirt fight, Fuu with flowers, and "If Mugen didn’t know any better, he’d swear the world had it out for him,".

[ profile] snowyheart is brilliant and wrote me brilliantly evil 838 college AU.

For those of you who venture into the world of DC comics, [ profile] xparrot has finished Summertime, her excellent Static/Richie StaticShock fic.

Theology Spam
(Taken from my new favorite community: [ profile] merton_moments) This made me think of something I was talking with [ profile] pvt_tiger about the other day.

As soon as God gets you in one monastery you want to be in another. )

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Icons for [ profile] excursionista
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Other News
My last day of work is in 17 days. I need a new job. *writhes* If I fail at life it's totally my own fault. Anyone in greater SD area hiring for someone with admin experience and a degree from a good liberal art's college? Aguh.

Lunch is the next important thing today, though making plans for when [ profile] madpinkflamingo gets out here is also big on today's list. Oh, and darlin', just so you know, I've finally got some M/J stuff typed up. I'll send it your way later.

Well, I now fully intend to eat more pie, have a little more broccoli and maybe make myself some soup. Oohh...soup. That does sound good. *contented sigh* You just can't go wrong with a day off in the middle of the week. It's good for the soul.

That and free time to make icons.... BWAhahahah... ^___^


May. 30th, 2005 10:26 am
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There are times when a little 583 is just the way to start off a paid holiday. Actually, it would probably make most days better. Heh.

by [ profile] louiselux.

'Here you are,' said Hakkai, putting a plate down in front of Goku.

Goku stared at the cake. It had sprinkles and fake cream and was as big as his entire head.

'For me? Thanks!'

'Yeah,' said Sanzo. 'Now shut up and eat.'

Goku did and soon the eating was accompanied by a gentle lover's croon to his beautiful, sweet cake. Sanzo sighed.

'Distraction complete,' murmured Gojyo very quietly.
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I have been a slacker of late. This means not so much with the posting and even less with the maintaining of my inbox. Time for a cleaning!

Fic Rec!

Crossfire, by [ profile] hane (Saiyuki)

Hazel persisted. "Would you change your blood, if you could? Change your eyes and hair, choose one side and never look back, if it were an option?"

Your eyes and hair are an admonishment to me, Gojyo-san. Except Cho Gonou was dead, and Hakkai didn't needed to be reminded any further of blood.

".......yes." An exhaled admission, quiet as the night wind.

"I can give you that."

Temptaion by [ profile] zero_sleep (Weiss Kruez)
(Just discovered another brilliant author. You'll be seeing a lot more of her stuff rec'd here.)

"Where's Ken?"

With a lazy smile Yohji shrugs and props his feet up on the edge of the table. "Gone."

He can almost see the words itching under Aya's skin, 'Don't do that, Yohji.' 'Get your feet off the table, Yohji.'

Aya sighs and presses a floury thumb to his forehead instead. "You'll have to do then."

"Do what?"


"Oh ho." Now this is an act almost unprecedented. Aya, ask him for help? Yohji mock salutes in the face of Aya's obvious displeasure, "Anything for you, fearless leader!"

Pay it Forward by [ profile] nightfallrising (Saiyuki)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Jien got up there, turned him around roughly by the shoulders. Gonou didn't seem to notice. He just turned his attack on Jien and kept on howling....

Finally, when the boy was reduced to pounding helplessly on the floor with one weak fist, Jien flopped down beside him with a grin, and clapped him on the shoulder. "Not bad for a nunnery brat, shrimp," he said companionably. "You're pretty fast, for a bookworm."

Gonou just lay there and heaved, but he did stop pounding. Eventually, he glared up and barked, "Next time I'll beat you."

"You don't know how," Jien pointed out.

Gonou stewed for a minute, then swallowed and clenched his jaw and demanded, "Show me."

The Protection of Angels by [ profile] elizacake (Boondock Saints/SeaQest)
Heads up: Twincest, and fairly graphic sex. Not that'll stop most of you though, huh? Heh.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

The perspective of looking down the barrel must be deceiving, for when the gunman lowered the weapon and stuck it in his belt, Lucas realized it wasn't that big. And, under other circumstances, the face that eventually came into focus through his panicked haze might have been considered beautiful. But with gagging tape being ripped from his mouth, this was not the time to notice those kind of things.

Motivation in Parts by [ profile] zero_sleep (Full Metal Panic)
Rating/Warning: NC17. Slash (Yaoi), dubious consent, pedophilia, and a little bit of violence. I think that covers everything.

"Gauron knows what he's talking about, and he's our leader, for now anyway. Don't talk back to him, Kashim. Don't disobey him." He pauses and runs a hand through his hair, glancing briefly and Kashim's sprawled form. "He's smart, Kashim, he'll keep us alive."

Kashim sits up unsteadily and glares at Zaied, puts his hands up and shoves in retaliation. "I know," he grumbles. "You didn't have to shake so hard."

Zaied shrugs and his lips quirk into what might have once been a smile. "With your thick head?" he snorts. "You'd die before you'd listen if I didn't."


The lovely [ profile] nightfallrising sent me this little piece of fun with photoshop. Heh.
* * * * *

You read drabbles, I read drabbles. You write drabbles, I write drabbles. But what do you do when there's a great drabble you think more people should know about? 'Cause really, who rec's drabbles? WE do! [ profile] fic_concentrate is the new community set up specifically to rec drabbles. Go on, sign up, give us tasty bit-sized bits of ficcy goodness!
* * * * *

Snarky Poetry )
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Have I mentioned lately that I love [ profile] snowyheart? 'Cause you know, I do. What do I love almost as much as Snowy? Her fic. Like this one.

Bad Kindergarten Children.

As one, they both released death-grips and vise-holds to seat themselves on either side of him, compliant but in various degrees of injured sulk.

Of course, this meant that they were all now Best Friends.

Striking again with her perfect characterization, she tells a story that you will love. Drama, intrigue, and humour (but don't tell the boys) all make for one of the best, most entertaining stories I've come across in while.

Go! Read! Fall in love with her work too.
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[ profile] snowyheart's done it again. Beautiful and wonderful and so painfully, terribly lonely and Sanzo.

Over Again.

Go, read. Tell the girl how brilliant she is.


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