Nov. 6th, 2005 07:44 pm
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The Table From Jack's House.

The dining room table is crowed
With the books and papers I should
Have put away weeks ago.
Space enough for the laptop
To sit beside the glass of milk
I let grow warm
Even though I was so thirsty
When I poured it
Planning to drink it with the slice
Of brownie I ate over the sink.
We've only eaten here once
When family came for a moment
Brining macaroni salad
And a glass bowl I wish I thought
To use more often.
Some days I clear enough space
For a plate
And eat without watching tv
Though it plays the news of the world
For the empty living room.

The Carpenter Ants Know First.

It trails away
Small dribblings sliding
Its way down the glass
Of the building. Hardly
Enough to drown an ant
But for the small body waving
All six legs it is more than enough.
It will rain again tomorrow
But by then they will
Have reached
Higher ground.


Aug. 22nd, 2005 01:15 am
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Tonight I wrote poetry.

Tonight I planned my escape.

Today I heard music I wish I knew how to play myself.

Today I stared at animals and swore that I would see them in the wild.

Tonight I played the fool.

Tonight I lied.

Today I heard voices I missed.

Today I remembered why I used to love him.

Tonight I let the dark fall before I turned on the lights.

Tonight I began my life story.

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More hearts...

I'm Sure (heh.)
Real Love
Sweet Talk
Love (The old classic. Good to see ya.)
Lover Boy (*grin*)
Got Love (Gah. *facepalm* People, please.)
<3 Of Gold
First Kiss
Dear One
Nice Girl (Heh. All I can imagine is the the missing heart that's supposed to go right after that says, "But, no.")
Kiss Me
Sure Love
Marry Me (I'll say yes to the first person who asks me with candy. Seriously.)
Be My Hero (It's like the anti-Saiyuki candy. Hee.)

(I'm only eating the white ones out of this box because last time I grossed myself out. Hardcore.)

[Edit: Just so you all know before you try them, they yellow hearts have been changed from lemon flavor to banana. *shudders* Didn't want anyone else to suffer my fate. 'Cause, yeah, sitting in your cube going, "EwEwEw!" makes everyone in the office think you're real mature.]
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Ran errands on my lunch. I love the sun. Makes everything better, pretty much always. One of the errands, though, included a trip to Target where in I bought Sweethearts candy. They're gettin' kinda creative there aren't they?

My Love
Love Life
All Star
Call Me
Love Me
IM ME (Which is confusing as all get out because is it an affirmation of self or a nod to our new technology and the modern ways in which people meet?)
Only You
Awe Some (They're little candy, and I guess that hyphen just didn't fit.)
I <3 You
Whiz Kid
You & Me
Real Love
How Nice (What I love is that they still manage to include a rejection heart. Because when you're in fourth grade and some other kid comes up to you, heart on their sleeve and says, "I really like you," you can respond by just pushing this little heart back at them. Harsh man, harsh.)
For You
Love Her
My Man (Heh.)
Be Mine
Dream Team
#1 Fan
URA Star (No. Just, no. Net speak? On candy? Rawr!)
Cutie Pie
It's Love

I miss my the old standby "O U Kid." My dad always used to open all the packets of hearts my sister and I got, to dig through until he found one so he could give it to my mom.

[Edit: I have now eaten so many of these things that my teeth hurt from the sugar. I will however finish this box. Because the white ones are the best and I've saved those for last.]


Jan. 27th, 2005 01:39 pm
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Sometimes the writing comes from things I remember.

The Green Trunk )


Jan. 5th, 2005 12:32 am
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Meme yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] penm, who I don't actually know, but who was on someone else's friends list where I saw this.

The Four Questions Meme:

Ask me four questions, no matter how personal, dirty, private or random. I have to answer them honestly.

I figure, why not?

Lastly, a poem:

Talk and jokes only two in three can understand at a time
that makes up a kind of math that juggles
around salads and bread and "water with stuff in it"
to form a new equation whose answer is really
as simple as, "Again. In July."


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