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The three of us (Rune, Me, and Rune's Roomie) are watching the Disney Original movie Jump In!

Corbin Bleu is RIDICULOUSLY gay. All you have to do is listen to him speak.
The movie itself is about a boxer (Corbin) learning to love... double dutch jump rope. And break the news to his boxer father.
"No son of mine---"

Me: This movie is totally a metaphor.
Rune: It is!
Roomie: It's not -even- a metaphor. It's a simile.
Us: XD

Rune: I don't think I like those boys you been hangin' out with...

Not only is he pretty like a pretty thing, but he looks more excited watching all the dudes around him than with his love interest. You get both gratuitous tummy -and- his weirdly coordinated outfits.

And every line is gay. Really. Really. Gay.

Is it bad to think seriously lewd things about a Disney sponsored teenager? But I mean. He's a DANCER. And he's GORGEOUS. And he screeeeeams for -really- sweaty sex. Like the loud, wall-breaking kind. Because. He's a DANCER. Nnnnnnngh.

Also lawl whenever he's supposed to be "shy" about "liking" the love interest? He just looks disgusted and creeped out. EeeeeeEEEEEw girly bits.

No. Seriously. Corbin Bleu. Will somebody fuck him please?

Rune's ETA: No. Seriously. Wall. Rattling. Sex. Uuung. Damnit. Someone someone someone must write.
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Borrowed Warren Zevon's last album, The Wind, from dad the other day. It has to be one of the most heartbreaking album ever. It's the last song that gets me though. Beautiful and simple and applicable to every fandom I'm in and Gah. More people out there need this song.

Keep me in your heart. (you send it file)

Lyrics )
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A song that's been on repeat in the iTunes and in the car for days now.


Changeless - Carbon Leaf (YouSendIt link)
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Some of you will remember that some time ago I put up a post asking for you give me mix cd titles. Well, they're done! Ha!

They're burned. They're in nice little cd cases and neated padded envelopes. Thing is? They're missing addresses. That part? Is YOUR job. *G*

So if you requested a mix cd send me your mailing address and I'll pop your cd in the mail. Woo hoo postal service!

But there's one other thing... These mixes turned out really well. Sooo...if you want? Even if you didn't request one the first time around, I'll send you a copy of one of these*. Just comment here and then email me your addy.

Choices, choices, choices... )

ETA: *flail* Renet! Apps! Help?


Aug. 18th, 2005 02:13 am
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Diego has returned home in one piece and ready to go*. So to break in this new drive of his, I issue this challenge:

Give me a title, a line of poetry, or from a fic, or from your favorite novel and I'll make you a mix CD to go with it.

Yeah, you know you want to...

*Also stoked to have been able to add my Hamlet/Saiyuki icons back in. Whee!

The Con!

Jun. 20th, 2005 11:46 am
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Just Signed up for the SD ComiCon. Woot!

If you're going to be in the SD area, let me know!


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