Jul. 26th, 2007 11:49 am
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Papa and sister came home last night after two months out of the country.

I have the most wonderful, patient, loving girlfriend in the history of girlfriends.

My dog bite is doing much better, really only being a little bit of a bone bruise on the back of my hand.

I have four days off in a row starting today. Which will include a walk around our neighborhood, a trip to the farmer's market, cleaning the fish bowls and possibly the watching of some movies. It will definitely include general laziness and unrepentant lounging.

...ohmyGod is it good to be home again.


Dec. 3rd, 2006 08:02 pm
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Yo, folks, it's [ profile] karotsamused stealing the LJ again for a bit of postage.

We just got back from a 10:50 donut run at Ralph's. We got donuts. And milk. And that was it. No srsly. WOO. It was brought on by Stephen Colbert morphing a donut into a donut hole. And then consuming them. Oh, God. Donut holes. Nnng.

But before then, Rune picked me up and then we headed out down the back way to La Mesa, which was an awesome and slightly terrifying ride through the mountains. Went to Target, and then the Gma's.

The poodles were the dirtiest little fuzzballs that ever fuzzed. As usual. So we decided to give them a bath. So we borrowed a couple of shirts and the poodles, and the Gma's dog, Buddy, got baths. YAY BATHS OMG! And then her parents showed up. Well, I lie.
Her parents showed up while Stuart was in the bath. He was not only the first one to be bathed, but then had to STAY in the little tub while his family came home. The car pulled up in the garage, and Rune's mom's voice filtered in through the door. He made a little mournful noise of a poodle in great emotional pain, crying out, "Mama! Saaaave meeee... why are they doing this to meeee?"
Mama didn't notice. D:

Everybody was in a pretty good mood so we putzed (although periodically you had to dodge THUNDEROUS SMALL DOG STAMPEDE!!!!!!111111!!!!!!eleven! They really like being clean. Eh heh.) around until dinner and then had a great couple of conversationy bits.
All the pronouns I'm gonna use are missing the indicator "Rune's", but you know we were with her family anyway so there. XP

Mom: ...those hot peppers, what do you call them?
Dad: *to me* Hot peppers.
Mom: *keeps talking*
Me: *snicker*
Rune: What?

So I got in on a bit of Dad snark which was awesome.

While we were at Target, we also toddled around the mall and into the See's candy, where Rune got candies for the Gma and both parents. Chocolate mint for the Gma, white chocolate key lime for the Mom, and choclatey goodness for the Dad. Why white chocolate for the mom?
Apparently she doesn't like chocolate.

Dad: You know, your mother -does- like chocolate.
Rune: What?!
Mom: I do not.
Dad: She's eaten it.
Rune: Mom! You totally like chocolate, don't you?
Mom: *makes "Ew" face*
Rune: But you do eat it sometimes.
Mom: *Well duh* For the liquor.

And then Rune's mom and I bonded over how weird Rune is.
See, Rune has this thing where she doesn't like cold things, such as ice cream and sherbet, unless they're mostly melted and mooshed into a kind of loose paste. As a general rule, the mooshing process is kinda weird, and what happens when multicolored tropical sherbet is mooshed is something along the lines of ... well, weird albino poo.
We both watched in horror and disgust, and traded "That's so weird!" or "Ew!" as time called for it.

In other news, RUNE GOT BOTH HER HEADLIGHTS TO WORK! We were at the gas station and she gave the non-working one a good thump. And now they're both on. Fortuitous, since she left them on when we went into the supermarket later. *facepalm*

In Memory.

Jul. 7th, 2006 06:05 pm
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'Cause a surprising number of people on here have met him, and a few of you may see this before you see my email.

Dad had to put Duncan to sleep today. He had an embelism in his lungs and there wasn't anything he could do. They have him oxygen and dad got to hold him while they gave him the shot.

We got him when I was eleven. Bear was seven and he was exactly six weeks old on the day we got him. English Spring Spaniel puppies only $100. Mom caved because a little female had won the Westminster Dog show that weekend and mom didn't think the new puppy could get too huge. Duncan was almost 70lbs.

He once swam across a stream in the Sierra Nevada, filled with freezing water as the snow melted in early summer, because dad was on he other side.

He once at peppers and a pepsi can and all the plastic pots my mom kept her orchids in. Though not all at once.

He loved my father more than anything and you could often find them asleep together on the sofa.

He let the poodles climb all over him, and never once bit any of us, or them. Despite the fact that Stewart was forever trying to lick his face, and Tlaloc used to sit on his back.

He was the first dog my family ever had.

He's buried in the backyard by the apricot tree and the avocado.
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[ profile] ranalore and I ran errands today and then went by my parent's place to say hi and bug them for a little while. Randomly, however, there are two skateboards in the living room.

Me: *as I walk past them* Hey, what's with the boards? Are they Jack's?
Dad: No, Christopher's. We've got them 'cause he's being punished.
Me: Heh.
Dad: We've also keeping his science experiment.
Me: You've got his what?
Dad: Naty found it in his room asked what it was. He said it was a "science experiment." She brought it over here to check.
Me: . . .
Me: Wait! You guys still have it?!
Dad: It's just little. *he holds his hand up, thumb and first finger three or four inches apart*
Me: *turn to mom for some kind of more reasonable answer* ...
Mama: *The world's most innocent expression ever*
Me: I can't believe you're keeping it!
Dad: What?
Me: Oh my god.
Mama: *laughs*
Rana: *has slowly been collapsing from giggles*
Dad: *wanders off to fix a light bulb somewhere*
Mama: *lets me change the subject slightly and completely blowing off what I've just learned*
Me: *omgwtf my parents are insane*

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Unlike a fair number of other people on my flist I haven't been following the discussion on Cultural Appropriation. And then yesterday, or this morning depending on how you look at it, [ profile] wordsofastory put up an excellent discussion of writing and cultural identity and suddenly I was spurred to write a response of my own (Brigdh I promised you a letter, didn't I?). Except. Except I don't know where to write it from.

You see, I have a problem. It's a cultural problem. It's also a racial problem. How about if we start by me telling you a little story...

Two women sit, watching a dinner party break up into smaller conversations.  )

Skip to the bit that's actually about writing... )
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My grandma is legally blind. This means that there are all kinds of nifty gadgets at her house, including a voice activated dialing device. My father finds it particularly fascinating. I was reminded of this last night at dinner.

Papa: *bent over, speaking in a wavering falsetto* Mike.
Machine: *tinny “female” voice* Mike.
Papa: *in the same Grandma Voice* Stupid.
Grandma: *vaguely horrified* What you doing?
Machine: Virginia.
Papa: *snickers* Nothing.
Mama: *calling from the kitchen* Michael, you leave that thing alone!
Papa: *grinning madly* Stupid.
Machine: Spoke too soon.
Grandma: *flustered and amused as only a mother can be* Oh, just call your sister.
Papa: *deaf as a post when he wants to be* Stupid.
Machine: Griffin.
Papa: Heh.
Grandma: *amusedly exasperated* Would you just call your sister?
Papa: *considers for a moment before bending over again* Mar—Stupid Ann.
Machine: Spoke too soon.
Papa: *snickering* Stupid Ann.
Grandma: *throwing her hands up and walking away* Oh, for the love of—hmph.
Mama: *comes to stand beside Papa* Why do you do this?
Papa: *as though this explains everything* When you do “Saddam Hussein” you get “Sarah and Ben.”
Bear and Me: *snicker*
Mama: *to us* You’re not helping.
Papa: *ignoring us all again* Osama bin Laden.
Machine: Name not found.
Papa: Osama bin Laden
Mama: *opens mouth to speak, gives up, and instead joins Grandma in the living room*
Papa: Saddam Hussein.
Bear: *because it does explain everything* I love Papa.

Speaking of the Bear, she actually went through a major life change today. She had her wisdom teeth pulled. I called to see how she was doing and spoke to my mom.

Mama: *very serious* She can’t be left alone at all today.
Me: *snerking* Because she might die?
Mama: *full of sympathy* It’s so sad.
Me: Heh. Is she all puffy?
Mama: Yes. Swollen and -- *speaking sternly to someone on her end* Wipe yourself up!
Mama: *vaguely huffy* She just keep drooling.
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The family got back late last night. The animals were overjoyed to see them and my mom convinced me to spend the night with them in the guest room. Not a bad deal all around except that I was woken up this morning when my mum came in and turned on the washer and dryer. I'd have been more offended if it hadn't already been 10:45. Not having spent a large quantity of time with my family I'd forgotten how funny they are.

Things overheard so far this morning:

We have dogs
Mama: *wandering through the room* Duncan tried to eat the tortillas.
Me: Yeah?
Bear: *wandering in the other direction* Papa stopped him.
Mama: At least he has good taste.

My mom buys me clothes
Bear: See, it's got peacocks!
Me: Sweet.
Mama: *holds up blouse*
Blouse: *is HUGE*
Me: *blinkblink*'s a little big.
Mama: Well, I wanted to make sure it would fit your...*waves hand vaguely*
Bear: *helpful* You've got huge boobs.
Me: *dry* I hadn't noticed.
Mama: *looks down at her own much smaller chest* I just wonder where you got them.
Me: *facepalm*

Life imitates what?
Me: Good morning.
Papa: Hello.
Papa: *stands in the middle of the dining room looking slightly lost*
Papa: Have you seen your mother?
Me: *on the computer* Nope.
Papa: ...maybe she's outside...*wanders out into the backyard*
Papa: *walks past Bear, who's sitting on a lawn chair reading*
Papa: *standing next to lawn chair* What about your sister?
Me: *raises eyebrow* Um...
Bear: Yo.
Papa: *looks down* Oh. Hello. When did you get here?
Bear: Just now. I wanted to surprise you.
Papa: Have you seen your mother?
Bear: I hid her.
Papa: *nods, solemn* Not hard, she's pretty short.
Mama: *from inside* I'm not that small!
Me: *mumbled* Who you callin' so small you can hide me in your pocket?
Mama: *comes out of nowhere and peers over my shoulder* What?
Me: Eep!
Mama: That's what I thought.


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