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Considering the length of time since the last time I made a genuinely meaningful/informative/non-poetic update, I think the best I can hope for at this point is a list. Followed by the false promise of more updates in the future. Or something.

List of events of Mild Interest (no particular order or importance attached to numerical position)

1) I must, by tomorrow, have gotten a Food Handler's License for the cost of $25. Non-reimbursable. Javamart, I curse you and your coffee wares. Or, more importantly, your Soon To Arrive warmed up breakfast sandwiches. Pfft.

2) Had a 26th birthday sometime at the end of January which was pleasantly unexciting, and really quite nice for it's quiet and overall relaxedness.

3) New roommate. Though many of you have heard about this already. It's nice to not to have to worry about where that extra $650 for rent is going to come from.

4) Found trail runners that fit. IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME TOO.

5) Diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and was poked at for a bit but now there are girly-pills of Happiness and Joy, which should help with things. U-unf.

6) Been approached about a promotion to full-time at the Job of Great Joy and Happiness. Good thoughts? Please please yes benefits and a little raise and good hours and I AM REALLY FINALLY REALLY SERIOUSLY GOOD AT A JOB I LOVE OHGODYESYES

7) ...I just thought I saw big sweaty men-sex on regular cable, but it was just wrestling. Oh well.

8) Sir? If you hate the way that brand fits and wears out too fast and rubs at your ankles? Stop. Buying. Them.

9) For all that I rarely update, I DO read my flist and stalk quite a few of you. H-hi you're cute and I have a brain crush on you. But also you should totally be dating that friend of yours heeee socute!

10) Getting to know some friends I already had a little bit better has just. Made the world a more excellent place. Seriously. We need to go do stuff more. ...LIKE THAT ONE STORE WITH RUBBER IN THE NAME. :D :D :D

11) The oranges at my parent's place are finally ripe. I think I could live off those things. Nnngsogood.

12) Being the lucky girlfriend of the bestest woman on earth makes me stupid happy, and I am reminded of this every day. Hi, baby I love you. ...I'm totally making squash anyway BUT I STILL LOVE YOU.

1..3...) ....Um. Eh heh. This is why I don't post 'cause I hit the point of "Um... I'm not interesting any more 'cause I'm hungry and want my Girl to get done with work so I can cuddle already."

Which is the point where I say, heeeeey. I'll post again soonish. Um. When I'm not thinking quite so much about how good an avocado sandwich would be right now.
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Aha hahahah Busy week ahead starting now okay go!

1. Lolz land lord approves of the new roommate. Unf.

2. TMI girly issue seems to being doing better. Also doc's appointment tomorrow. There is likely to be peeing in cups.


4. A whole week of time off and also homework for the job stuff. Oh Cute J you are too adorable and also a big liar you are totally younger than me. OMG YOU HAVE TO BE LIKE TWELVE WILL ONE OF YOU DATE HIM PLEASE YES I THINK MAY ALREADY BE TURNING INTO MY MENTOR'S MOTHER




*Possibly also my birthday eh heh heh heh.
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So. Um. I know a couple people (Where "people" in this case should be translated to ready [ profile] karotsamused and myself) who would very, very much like to get their hands on the manga of Ouran High School Host Club.

If any of you happen to either have it and are willing to share, or happen to know of a place where I might be able to get it, that would be most excellent.

In other news, I recently realized it's been MONTHS since I last did a "State of the Rune" type post and a fair number of you may think I'm dead by now. Hopefully some time today or tomorrow I'll actually pull my brain together enough to post one. In the mean time, have a very short list:

1. Lost job.
2. Found two jobs.
3. Have most wonderful girlfriend ever.
4. Getting up at 3:00am for work teh suckzorz.
5. [ profile] karotsamused, [ profile] bruisezonherego, [ profile] cindelius and I make some seriously kick-ass christmas cookies. Rar.


Jun. 2nd, 2005 06:33 pm
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Things I have learned today
Libraries inherently make me feel better.
Rana, that book you lent me ages ago and that I'm just now starting? Is really, really good.
I can read five chapters in an hour.
Work sucks less when I'm busy. And not in the file room.
By nodding at regular intervals no one will know I'm actually writing fic during staff meetings.
It may start out as a drabble, but if your meeting is an hour and a half long you'll end up with a fic instead.*
Pie, even if it is sent by IT, just can't be a bad thing.
Paying your student loans always hurts. Even over the phone.
Stupid people are everywhere. They also tend to multiply at deadline time.
My betas are right. Notes have already been done for the fixing of the one bit.**

Things I will tell myself I'm going to accomplish while I have no computer to distract me
Finish unpacking my room.
Finish all the manga I have that has not been read.
Watch the last of my One Piece dvds.
Draw that tree.
Go to bed early.
Finish the book Rana lent me.
Finish the book my sister lent me.

Things I will actually do while I have no computer to distract me
Finish the book Rana lent me.
Draw that tree.
Start the book my sister lent me.

*Happy Birthday [ profile] karotsamused! I really did start to write you a birthday drabble that I was going to post before going home, but now it is too long and will require actual typing and writing and so will not be seen until Diego returns. Really all I have to say about it is that about five seconds into my meeting the one thing that occurred to me was, "This would be soooo much shorter if Ed were here." *cue evil laugh*

**Sometimes? Having good betas is a pain. Why can't you guys just let me suck instead of giving me good ideas to make the story better? I want to be laaaaaazy. *tackles* It's all right though. I love you anway.


May. 27th, 2005 10:41 am
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Things I have done so far today:

Slept in.
Woken up because a poodle tried to lick up my nose.
Took Duncan to the vet.
Wrote a check for $74.
Ate a danish.
Realized I don't have any clean socks of my own.
Stolen a pair of my mom's socks.
Fed the Outside Cat.
Played with the Inside Cat.
Changed my shirt three times.
Written another paragraph on my FMA epic.
Put off going in to work by writing an lj post.

Things I will have to do later today:

Drive to work.
Write Change Letters.
Complain about filing.
Check email.
Go to dinner with coworkers.

It's the last bit that's going to kill me. Geh. It's not that I hate these people or anything, but the number of things we have in common would top the scales at a whopping Zero. I'm just hoping no one gets too drunk. Oh think of the fun that that would be.

Also, spoke with boss lady. I have until some time in July to find myself new work. *does mini-flail* I've really gotta get my butt in gear. I'll have been with this company almost exactly a year when I finally leave. I'd say that's about eight months too long.

ETA: Wait a second...these are MY socks! Hmph.


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