Nov. 20th, 2005 12:37 am
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Me: ...*
My Inner Aristotle: ...
Me: ...
Me: *colapse*

*Please see the post by [ profile] karotsamused for the complete, and Vader-cry free, detail of the day's events.
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It occurs to me to wonder whether it is, in fact, a legitimate thing to say that one misses places one has never actually been.

Trying to explain that should thirteen small men be waiting for me in my apartment this evening when I get home because they need a fourteenth I would be totally unsurprised, is rather harder than one might imagine.  )
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When I talk to my sister, I want to go out and make the world better.

As background, Bear works with Houston homeless every week, giving food and just generally helping out at the shelter.

Bear: sometimes life is entirely too much for me
Runestarr: You and me both.
Runestarr: What's up with you?
Bear: I told this homeless guy tony I would look up info about san diego for him
Bear: and bring it to him tomorrow night
Bear: and I'm crying right now
Bear: cuz I can't handle the fact that anyone is homeless
Bear: his eyes
Bear: he looked at me
Bear: it's not fair
Bear: it's not fair
Bear: why
Bear: it doesn't make sense
Bear: there's no reason why he shouldn't be safe right now

...I love my sister so much.
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Having been a monumentally huge slacker about keeping anyone out there who actually cares about my life, um, actually updated, I thought, well, now's as good a time as any.

Mm... start with the...

New Fandom, wha'?*
Okay, so [ profile] karotsamused started the whole Naruto thing, but the crack continues mostly due to my inability to leave well enough alone. Kakashi owns me. Well, him and Sasuke, but more importantly Kakashi has laid firm hold on my Roymuse so now I'm all shades of screwed.

Anyone out there recommend some good fic? Any characters really, and it doesn't have to be slashy, just in character. Come on, lay it on me!

I'm insane, nugh.**
So, I've been trolling [ profile] campfuckudie.... *headdesk* *squirms* Damnit I want to play! Please remind me that I'm insane. ...but but but they don't have a Ken! *flail* I could play Ken if I can get my ass in gear the next time they take applications... Heh. Okay, yeah, it's one of those "reallyreally want to but..." kind of things. Um.. If I decide to actually go through with this anyone out there want to give any advice? *dorks out*

Umm... So, my last day of work was Friday. There was a minimum of angst and I made it home in one piece.

Yesterday though....I GOT A NEW JOB.


*can't help the mad dance of gainful employment* !!!

I'll be working in recruiting for a large company and getting actual equivalent compensation. Which. Wow. My having a degree and good phone skills is finally going to pay off. The first day is Friday and because the Company has several job fares next week I'll be going to those all on my own and setting up and everything. I'm tad intimidated, but I feel like I've got the skills for this. I'm tough *poses and growls*. Most importantly this sounds like a job I could actually really like. AHAhah! Seriously. I'm out of my mind with relief about this. I'll be able to pay my rent and maybe I'll even look into getting a new used car. Though not until after I pay my parents back the $500 I owe them from the last time we had to have this one fixed.

...*grins* Dude, I feel there is a nice little station wagon in my future.

Just for those couple of people I've been talking to recently.

It's all good and it gets better and just letting life happen is a totally valid way to live. Do what you gotta and then keep on doing it. For all that I moan and wail, life is good. Just being here, knowing that, yeah, He does work good through all we do, well, it's good. And that's pretty darn excellent.

*I now start almost every conversation with "I want to be a ninja." At least I know what my Halloween costume this year is going to be. Eeeeeexcellent. XD
**Um. Also? They don't have a Bobby. Dude, what's camp without at least one X-man? Looking at this objectively they'd both be fun, and neither of my boys get enough love, but... *laughs* Adding mutants to that mix would just rock things upside-down and sideways. ...but I get ahead of myself. Heh.
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I have an interview this morning, we talked about it yesterday at work.

Co-worker #1: So what kind of job do you want?
Rune: I don't know. Something a little more creative would be nice.
Co-worker #2: Where's your job interview?
Rune: Some place...I don't know. But it's for a receptionist thing.
Co-worker #1: That's hardly creative.
Rune: Yeah, well, sometimes paying my rent is practically performance art.
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"Nothing saddens me more than mediocre evil."

Amy for King!
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As noted in a previous conversation:

Some haircuts (mine) combined with certain clothes (today's) leave some people (me) with the distinct appearance of being from a distance (short) of being a rather (very) cute 15 year old boy.


(Please not that the "flirty" moodtheme includes Ed and Al. *going straight to hell* Whee.)

ETA: I am currently sitting here wondering about slashing two of the characters in the book I'm reading.... Am I insane? >_< .


Jun. 2nd, 2005 06:33 pm
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Things I have learned today
Libraries inherently make me feel better.
Rana, that book you lent me ages ago and that I'm just now starting? Is really, really good.
I can read five chapters in an hour.
Work sucks less when I'm busy. And not in the file room.
By nodding at regular intervals no one will know I'm actually writing fic during staff meetings.
It may start out as a drabble, but if your meeting is an hour and a half long you'll end up with a fic instead.*
Pie, even if it is sent by IT, just can't be a bad thing.
Paying your student loans always hurts. Even over the phone.
Stupid people are everywhere. They also tend to multiply at deadline time.
My betas are right. Notes have already been done for the fixing of the one bit.**

Things I will tell myself I'm going to accomplish while I have no computer to distract me
Finish unpacking my room.
Finish all the manga I have that has not been read.
Watch the last of my One Piece dvds.
Draw that tree.
Go to bed early.
Finish the book Rana lent me.
Finish the book my sister lent me.

Things I will actually do while I have no computer to distract me
Finish the book Rana lent me.
Draw that tree.
Start the book my sister lent me.

*Happy Birthday [ profile] karotsamused! I really did start to write you a birthday drabble that I was going to post before going home, but now it is too long and will require actual typing and writing and so will not be seen until Diego returns. Really all I have to say about it is that about five seconds into my meeting the one thing that occurred to me was, "This would be soooo much shorter if Ed were here." *cue evil laugh*

**Sometimes? Having good betas is a pain. Why can't you guys just let me suck instead of giving me good ideas to make the story better? I want to be laaaaaazy. *tackles* It's all right though. I love you anway.
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Rune: *climbs in the shower*
Shower: *warm and happy*
Rune: *searches for shower puff*
Shower puff: *floats in the void*
Rune: *reaches for bodywash anyway*
Bodywash: *inexplicably several inches to the left of where it should be*
St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Face Scrub: *where bodywash should be*
Rune: *plots FMA epic* Mmmm....
SIIAFS: *grabbed*
Rune's armpits: *Invigorated!*
Rune's hair: Don't even think about it.
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When opening a full filing cabinet, please keep the following in mind.

1) Don't leave the bottom drawer open.
2) Should you disregard #1, do not then open the next drawer up and leave that open as well.
3) If both #'s 2 and 3 are ignored do not then open the uppermost of the four drawers.
4) Persons who ignore all three previous items should expect the weight of the filing cabinet to shift forward dangerously, opening the one drawer still remaining closed.
5) Having reached #5 it is impossible to avoid a several minute struggle against both, being crushed under several hundred pounds of metal and files and the mess that would result should one manage to escape death by filing cabinet.
6) Righting this situation through sheer strength and appropriate application of elbows and knees to drawer joints is possible, however it will result in several bruises, including one on the palm of one's hand.

This PSA brought to you today by, Concerned Office Workers who Hate Their Job*.

*Not really. I just hate filing. Also, being crushed was not on my list of things to do today, so making it out alive is a good thing. Gotta go back in. I'm tough. I'll make it. Probably.
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I said it was deepdish, yeah. But I'd forgotten how good it is reheated. Sick and twisted I know, but right out of the microwave with the cold patches in the center and too hot around the edges is just the way I like it.

Maybe I'll make you eat here too.
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An email conversation in which [ profile] pvt_tiger and I debate the relative merits of the names of my future cats.

Me: *talking about two kittens I found on a rescue site* They're little enough so that renaming them wouldn't wig you out too much, right?
PT: I suppose. But I like them as Walter and Oliver. They're cute-nerdy-boy names!
Me: I just don't like the name Oliver. But also, I was thinking of taking one of the little grey girl kittens from the other batch. They all have such big blue eyes.
PT: Oliver is nowhere near as offensive a name as Kevin. God, I hate that name.
Me: Hee. Also, I would never name anything that. Except maybe a slug. 'Cause having a pet slug named Kevin would just be awesome.
PT: Okay, that may be the only instance where that name is permissible. Heh. A banana slug named Kevin....
Me: *griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins* Oh yeah. Oh. Yeah.
PT: I was also going to suggest a turtle named Kevin, but he would just be bitchy.
Me: Yeah, he'd be a biter. And you'd have to keep him in his own tank because he'd be mean to the other animals. Even if they were just fish. He'd eat 'em.
PT: Exactly. He'd also be the sort to disappear to crap unseen in the back of the cupboard under the sink if you ever let him out. And you'd find it like a month later after enduring an wretched, unknown stench all the while.
Me: But just getting him out of there in the first place would be an ordeal to begin with. He'd move really fast for a turtle and instead of pulling back into his shell he'd snap at you and then you'd need a band aide, which of course, you'd be out of. This would mean a trip to the store allowing him valuable, "crap behind the old container of Comet," time.
PT: Kevin's such a dirty bastard.
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So, last night I'm on the phone when I hear this weird noise. Sounds like people knocking things over next door, but it only happens once, so I figure, Meh, no big deal. Later on I notice that there's weird light coming from in through the front window and what do I see?

Crazy man with a hibachi burning what looked like old table legs and leaves. )

* * * * *

Poem spam )

* * * * *

You under 55? Well then, Bush's new Social Security plan says, "STFU. Heh."

* * * * *

And lastly, (stolen from [ profile] elvaron) a Better Relationship quiz. Apparently, I'm a teddy bear. )


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