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First day off in a while. Had good news and bad news and now I'm just tired.

I love my job. Or. Well. Not precisely. I love the company I work for. But I've come to the realization that the job I do is... not going in the direction that I want and I'm bored. Which makes me less productive. Which makes me paranoid. Which makes me tired.

In this case I think it's a little less about performance anxiety than the fact that I'm over qualified and under-stimulated, and just not making enough money to not be anxious about that instead.

All drama with my family is a post for later. Though that makes me even more tired.

But at least my fish are doin' awesome. ...Kinda need to clean the new kid's bowl. Hm. Maybe later. I've got nothin' else to do but dishes anyway.

ETA: Okay, so even if the job front is discouraging, reading Die Hard slash over at [ profile] hard4brains helped. Heh.
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Copied almost exactly from an email just sent to the wonderful [ profile] ranalore:

Oh! Oh! Speaking of things vaguely related to my utter lack of self-organization (and I really am about to post about this, promise!) I got a full-time job at [Job of Excellence and Joy]! Not the crazy cool one I was hoping for, but still. 37-39 hours a week at my current pay rate is still better than I've been doing that means we can afford to move. Also to make a budget. And I get benefits! Eeesh! I could -- omg -- go to the doctor when I don't feel well! XD


*Oh how I do love quoting the Bear. Her battle cry of victory is just so satisfying somehow. Unf.
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Considering the length of time since the last time I made a genuinely meaningful/informative/non-poetic update, I think the best I can hope for at this point is a list. Followed by the false promise of more updates in the future. Or something.

List of events of Mild Interest (no particular order or importance attached to numerical position)

1) I must, by tomorrow, have gotten a Food Handler's License for the cost of $25. Non-reimbursable. Javamart, I curse you and your coffee wares. Or, more importantly, your Soon To Arrive warmed up breakfast sandwiches. Pfft.

2) Had a 26th birthday sometime at the end of January which was pleasantly unexciting, and really quite nice for it's quiet and overall relaxedness.

3) New roommate. Though many of you have heard about this already. It's nice to not to have to worry about where that extra $650 for rent is going to come from.

4) Found trail runners that fit. IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME TOO.

5) Diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and was poked at for a bit but now there are girly-pills of Happiness and Joy, which should help with things. U-unf.

6) Been approached about a promotion to full-time at the Job of Great Joy and Happiness. Good thoughts? Please please yes benefits and a little raise and good hours and I AM REALLY FINALLY REALLY SERIOUSLY GOOD AT A JOB I LOVE OHGODYESYES

7) ...I just thought I saw big sweaty men-sex on regular cable, but it was just wrestling. Oh well.

8) Sir? If you hate the way that brand fits and wears out too fast and rubs at your ankles? Stop. Buying. Them.

9) For all that I rarely update, I DO read my flist and stalk quite a few of you. H-hi you're cute and I have a brain crush on you. But also you should totally be dating that friend of yours heeee socute!

10) Getting to know some friends I already had a little bit better has just. Made the world a more excellent place. Seriously. We need to go do stuff more. ...LIKE THAT ONE STORE WITH RUBBER IN THE NAME. :D :D :D

11) The oranges at my parent's place are finally ripe. I think I could live off those things. Nnngsogood.

12) Being the lucky girlfriend of the bestest woman on earth makes me stupid happy, and I am reminded of this every day. Hi, baby I love you. ...I'm totally making squash anyway BUT I STILL LOVE YOU.

1..3...) ....Um. Eh heh. This is why I don't post 'cause I hit the point of "Um... I'm not interesting any more 'cause I'm hungry and want my Girl to get done with work so I can cuddle already."

Which is the point where I say, heeeeey. I'll post again soonish. Um. When I'm not thinking quite so much about how good an avocado sandwich would be right now.
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Worked many hours today at the Good Job, and then came home to sorta scrounge dinner, avoid doing the dishes and also the laundry. Tomorrow will be a continuation of procrastination the writing I want to get done, the first floor tile that needs vacuuming, mopping and sweeping, along with further abandonment of laundry. Dishes will probably be really funky by then, so their cleaning is gonna have to happen despite my powers of Putting-It-Off-ness.

Today, however, I have managed to half-cook lunch for tomorrow (...why did I think that even overtime would be enough to justify a 10hr shift? Even if it is the Good Job. *facepalm*), and then redo my entire lj layout. Even made a new default icon!

But the best bit of the day was talking to the girl on the phone and telling her all about the new shoes I got (woo!) and the excellent member sales today and how I may actually get to make some use of the iPod shuffle that crazy Jem gave me for Christmas. (No, seriously. WTH? A Shuffle! I have no words to express my giant thankyou to the boy so I just sorta flap my arms around a bit every time it comes up in conversation with anyone).

In other news....

Wayne is coming to visit me for a whole week at the end of January! Just in time for my birthday even! *wiggle dance flail!* Time off has be secured, the house will be cleaned by then, and and and omg I haven't seen her in more than two years and I'm so so so so SO excited. Seriously. Rarwoot!

Today has been a good day. Yes. Knowing my Girl gets home on Saturday doesn't hurt anything either. My spaz fit being done for the evening I'm going to go up to bed and finish my book about poncy British Magician-type boys and be amused until I fall asleep.
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Working in footwear today:

Me: *walks past dad and kid, heading to back room*
Dad: *looking at shoes*
Kid: *staring off into space with--*
Dad: *looks down at kid* ...
Dad: Get your hand out of your pants!
Kid: ...
Kid: *stares off into space, cuppin' away*
Me: ...
Me: *make it inside back room for becoming dead of giggles*

Seriously, that little man isn't gonna have any problems later in life figuring out exactly where his bits are or how he likes them handled.

Also, this icon with this post is just wrong, but I don't care. HEH.
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So. Um. I know a couple people (Where "people" in this case should be translated to ready [ profile] karotsamused and myself) who would very, very much like to get their hands on the manga of Ouran High School Host Club.

If any of you happen to either have it and are willing to share, or happen to know of a place where I might be able to get it, that would be most excellent.

In other news, I recently realized it's been MONTHS since I last did a "State of the Rune" type post and a fair number of you may think I'm dead by now. Hopefully some time today or tomorrow I'll actually pull my brain together enough to post one. In the mean time, have a very short list:

1. Lost job.
2. Found two jobs.
3. Have most wonderful girlfriend ever.
4. Getting up at 3:00am for work teh suckzorz.
5. [ profile] karotsamused, [ profile] bruisezonherego, [ profile] cindelius and I make some seriously kick-ass christmas cookies. Rar.


Jun. 19th, 2006 08:37 am
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Is it unreasonable to say that I come to work and feel physically ill?

As in, I woke up this morning, tired but certainly not sick, and drove to work. I've been here perhaps an hour and I'm starting to feel rather sick to my stomach and light headed. There's a vent right over my desk, maybe that's it...

In any case, it seem strange to say anything (nothing says "slacker" quite as loudly as the claim that you're allergic to work) but then again if this keeps happening, I might have to.

In the mean time I'm going to see if eating something doesn't help. Toast maybe. And tea.

...hmph. So strange...
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Guess who has to go to work on Monday?

That's right, ME!


There will be details when I get back from taking the Girl to run errands.

But still, JOB!!! XD
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I always knew that going to my flist for job advice would be...

interesting )
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Got a call at 4:15ish today from the temp agency. As of today I'm unemployed again.

On the upside I suddenly have lots of free time, the agency thinks that they'll be able to find me something eventually, and I've already paid this month's rent.

Things to do as of tomorrow:
Sleep in. (Wooot.)
Clean out the car.
Take down Christmas tree.
Vacuum apt.
Fold and put away clean laundry.
Wash dirty laundry.
...Look for a new job.

Then again, I now have time go and see the girl for lunch tomorrow, so, at least there's that. That and I'm going to make cookies tonight. Rawr.
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Having been a monumentally huge slacker about keeping anyone out there who actually cares about my life, um, actually updated, I thought, well, now's as good a time as any.

Mm... start with the...

New Fandom, wha'?*
Okay, so [ profile] karotsamused started the whole Naruto thing, but the crack continues mostly due to my inability to leave well enough alone. Kakashi owns me. Well, him and Sasuke, but more importantly Kakashi has laid firm hold on my Roymuse so now I'm all shades of screwed.

Anyone out there recommend some good fic? Any characters really, and it doesn't have to be slashy, just in character. Come on, lay it on me!

I'm insane, nugh.**
So, I've been trolling [ profile] campfuckudie.... *headdesk* *squirms* Damnit I want to play! Please remind me that I'm insane. ...but but but they don't have a Ken! *flail* I could play Ken if I can get my ass in gear the next time they take applications... Heh. Okay, yeah, it's one of those "reallyreally want to but..." kind of things. Um.. If I decide to actually go through with this anyone out there want to give any advice? *dorks out*

Umm... So, my last day of work was Friday. There was a minimum of angst and I made it home in one piece.

Yesterday though....I GOT A NEW JOB.


*can't help the mad dance of gainful employment* !!!

I'll be working in recruiting for a large company and getting actual equivalent compensation. Which. Wow. My having a degree and good phone skills is finally going to pay off. The first day is Friday and because the Company has several job fares next week I'll be going to those all on my own and setting up and everything. I'm tad intimidated, but I feel like I've got the skills for this. I'm tough *poses and growls*. Most importantly this sounds like a job I could actually really like. AHAhah! Seriously. I'm out of my mind with relief about this. I'll be able to pay my rent and maybe I'll even look into getting a new used car. Though not until after I pay my parents back the $500 I owe them from the last time we had to have this one fixed.

...*grins* Dude, I feel there is a nice little station wagon in my future.

Just for those couple of people I've been talking to recently.

It's all good and it gets better and just letting life happen is a totally valid way to live. Do what you gotta and then keep on doing it. For all that I moan and wail, life is good. Just being here, knowing that, yeah, He does work good through all we do, well, it's good. And that's pretty darn excellent.

*I now start almost every conversation with "I want to be a ninja." At least I know what my Halloween costume this year is going to be. Eeeeeexcellent. XD
**Um. Also? They don't have a Bobby. Dude, what's camp without at least one X-man? Looking at this objectively they'd both be fun, and neither of my boys get enough love, but... *laughs* Adding mutants to that mix would just rock things upside-down and sideways. ...but I get ahead of myself. Heh.
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Today's my last day.

Fifteenth anniversary picnic at noon and then out of here at 5:00.


Well. Here goes nothin'.

ETA: *snerk!*
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I have an interview this morning, we talked about it yesterday at work.

Co-worker #1: So what kind of job do you want?
Rune: I don't know. Something a little more creative would be nice.
Co-worker #2: Where's your job interview?
Rune: Some place...I don't know. But it's for a receptionist thing.
Co-worker #1: That's hardly creative.
Rune: Yeah, well, sometimes paying my rent is practically performance art.


May. 27th, 2005 10:41 am
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Things I have done so far today:

Slept in.
Woken up because a poodle tried to lick up my nose.
Took Duncan to the vet.
Wrote a check for $74.
Ate a danish.
Realized I don't have any clean socks of my own.
Stolen a pair of my mom's socks.
Fed the Outside Cat.
Played with the Inside Cat.
Changed my shirt three times.
Written another paragraph on my FMA epic.
Put off going in to work by writing an lj post.

Things I will have to do later today:

Drive to work.
Write Change Letters.
Complain about filing.
Check email.
Go to dinner with coworkers.

It's the last bit that's going to kill me. Geh. It's not that I hate these people or anything, but the number of things we have in common would top the scales at a whopping Zero. I'm just hoping no one gets too drunk. Oh think of the fun that that would be.

Also, spoke with boss lady. I have until some time in July to find myself new work. *does mini-flail* I've really gotta get my butt in gear. I'll have been with this company almost exactly a year when I finally leave. I'd say that's about eight months too long.

ETA: Wait a second...these are MY socks! Hmph.
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When opening a full filing cabinet, please keep the following in mind.

1) Don't leave the bottom drawer open.
2) Should you disregard #1, do not then open the next drawer up and leave that open as well.
3) If both #'s 2 and 3 are ignored do not then open the uppermost of the four drawers.
4) Persons who ignore all three previous items should expect the weight of the filing cabinet to shift forward dangerously, opening the one drawer still remaining closed.
5) Having reached #5 it is impossible to avoid a several minute struggle against both, being crushed under several hundred pounds of metal and files and the mess that would result should one manage to escape death by filing cabinet.
6) Righting this situation through sheer strength and appropriate application of elbows and knees to drawer joints is possible, however it will result in several bruises, including one on the palm of one's hand.

This PSA brought to you today by, Concerned Office Workers who Hate Their Job*.

*Not really. I just hate filing. Also, being crushed was not on my list of things to do today, so making it out alive is a good thing. Gotta go back in. I'm tough. I'll make it. Probably.


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