Jan. 6th, 2008 01:43 am
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[ profile] karotsamused here. I maded icons and put them up in my girlfriend's journal. GO TO HER PROFILE AND LOOK BWAHAHAHAHA.

This one's probably my favorite. For like the next five seconds. HAHA I PUT HANSON AND SUPER JUNIOR TOGETHER I love me.

Also we named our goldfish. Dude and Sweet are pleased to meet you. :D
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[ profile] karotsamused here.

Starting in about an hour and eleven minutes, Rune and I will be gone. Gawn. Up in the snow, where hopefully our colds won't kill us and I might even get a day of skiing in.

I know neither of us are huge presences on the Interweb, but this is a notice on account of we're gonna be gone.

There might even be pictures when we get back on Jan 4.


Everyone have a happy new year.

And, Rana? We wanna get together with yoooou. Can we play later? <3


Dec. 20th, 2007 08:10 pm
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It all started when my mom told me I could buy a new sweatshirt, as long as it had my college logo on it.

You see, when my dad had taken my brother and me on various trips to see colleges, we'd purchased myriad sweatshirts from all of the institutions...except the ones we eventually chose to attend.

By the by, this is [ profile] karotsamused.

When my job at the Bookstore at my Hallowed Place of Learning brought me in contact with some sweatshirt styles other than the College Lettered Sweatshirt in Blue And Gold, I found myself a bit covetous of others' purchases. Thus, when I asked if I might purchase a sweatshirt for myself, my mother agreed on the grounds that it was in fact from my place of work.

This week, we're having a 40% off sale. On items that were, last week, 20% off. So that's 40% off things that were already priced at 80%. The hell is that math? 46% percent off or so? I have no calculator. Blargh.

But anyway, I got a sweatshirt. At my Bookstore. For $19.77. NINETEEN. FREAKIN. SEVENTY-SEVEN.
At Bookstore prices, that's a crappy t-shirt.


I love this sweatshirt. It is black, and the hood is big enough, and the logo is not stupid. I bought it yesterday, and after I got off work and had a shower, I decided to wear it to Rune's Family Holiday Dinner last night.

...Now, Rune has a big family. One that has to gather in separate locations at separate times, half because it would be impossible to gather that many people in one place, and half because the two sides would make that one place explode.

So we met at the Gma's, for the Gma's Side Of The Family sort of thing, and the house, normally pretty cozy with five people, was... packed.

Pack. Ed.

There was the Gma, and Rune's parents, and all of Rune's aunts and uncle and their spouses, and their offspring, and their offspring's spouses and offspring. And then the Friends, which consisted of me and this one guy who held the camcorder a lot.

There were two itty bitty half-Japanese babies, and their very Japanese mama (adorably trying to correct her Very White father-in-law's mispronunciation of her name - "Yu - KI - ko." "No. YU - ki - ko." "Yu - KI - ko. Right? I don't hear what's different!")

There were also ... well. They were all about my age, I guess, or a little older, but since one of them asked Rune her age, they probably assumed I was older. But four barely-legal boys, all about six feet huge, and broad as doorways. (Rune says the eldest is about twenty-five. Ha-ha.)

They were all rather sweet, in their weird Barely-Legal Boy way, and apparently I was unconsciously on my game.

See, as soon as I walked in, I think there was the radar ping. Girl-That-Isn't-Family does a lot to make me attractive. XD

I realized I was getting hit on about the time the youngest one told me he was a writer. And that he was getting ready to write his second Album, and was in the process of recording for the first.

Which is no big deal, especially in this area, since the music scene here right now is exploding. But when I brought up a friend of mine, actually a very talented white hip-hop artist, who had recorded his albums and was in the marketing stage, and was finding the most challenging thing was being articulate about his work and making sure he was putting it out in the right places, I got this response:

"Well, marketing isn't hard if you're good."

...I think you really needed to be able to hear it. And see the little face of "Aw, man, she knows -other- guys?"

Boys. He started laying it on a little thick in the middle, and by the end, played Family Man (although this was rather genuine and in a lot of ways he was sweet. I enjoyed his company). He was funny in the Multigenerational Photo they all took - excluding, of course, me and Camcorder Guy (who took the picture).

But after The Boy left, I turned to Rune's Gma and this exchange followed:

Me: *wry* You know, I think he found me attractive.
Gma: Well, dear, I don't see why he wouldn't have.
Me: -! What do you know? You're blind!
Gma: *laughs*

On the way home, Rune confessed she wanted to growl at him. I confessed I sat with my ring showing in a very shiny fashion after the hip-hop bit of the conversation.

Heh. I got hit on at the family dinner.

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[ profile] karotsamused here.


The apartment, ne, Cozy Home, is a wonderful warm place with only one limitation.
It seems we blow a fuse if we run the toaster oven and microwave at the same time, and the fridge happens to kick on.

We did it for the first time last week, when one of our landlords was close by to flip the fuse for us, and leave us completely confused as to how he made the lights come back. But we were joyful.

Tonight, the error was repeated, by my beautiful little Mexican.

I, being intrepid and more fully clothed, called the landlord and was told that the folks that run the liquor store downstairs have a key to the big cage what holds the fuse boxes.
So I trekked downstairs, explained the situation, was laughed with at with by the proprietors, and given a key.

Upon entering said cage what holds the fuse boxes, I found that there were. Um. Lots of them. Also water meters. So I called Rune and made her put on pants and bring me a flashlight.

We toodled around for a bit, trying to figure things out, then gave up and called the landlord again.

I think we really freaked her out.

Run decided it was a good idea to just start pulling levers. Especially the big, rusted one that didn't look like it had been pulled ever.

"My thought process was: If you pull the lever, the box will open!"

Once it got pulled? The light in the stairwell went out. ... Ah.

Cue Handsome Neighbor A. He lives in apartment number two, and was the only other person around to notice that all. The power. For the entire. Floor. Went. Out.

This is about the time where I am laughing madly and explaining exactly what's going on to the landlady.
I had a feeling Rune shouldn't have pulled that switch. Once we flipped it back up, the lights came back on. Yay!

By this time the landlord was resigned and in hysterics all at once. The language barrier is occasionally quite interesting in our neck of the woods.

But uh. I assured her everything was fine, and she heard other people laughing, and we haven't gotten any more frantic phone calls. :D

I returned the key to the liquor store guys, Handsome Neighbor A laughed good-naturedly and assured us he'd done it a bijillion times, and we all went upstairs.

The lights in the Cozy Home? Still out.

Cue me running back down to The Cage and jimmying it open (on account of it didn't really close in the first place :B ) and flipping the fuse.

A few times.

About then Hansome Neighbor A, being the good man that he is, came down to make sure the cage had locked.

Me: Hey, wait! I'm still in here!
HNA: What? What are you doing? Is it still out?!
Me: Yeah! D: D: D:
HNA: ... *comes in* *flips switch* *flips it again*
Rune: *on phone* OMG THE LIGHTS ARE ON :D
Me: ... <3

So we went upstairs again and now are in the process of resetting the clocks.

We love you, Daylight Savings Time.
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somanyficideaszomg )
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[ profile] karotsamused here.

And I quote, from the grumpy pink ball on the sofa:

"No burning beans. Beans are not for burning. Evil sun. Whoever heard of wanting crispy beans? That's just gross. You're s'posed ta cook 'em in a crock pot for like eight hours. Ararararargh."


We went to the beach yesterday. This little karot got her shoulders done medium rare. Rune is one burned little bean. She had to come home from work early 'cause she was feeling awful D:

She is now sympathetically watering our plants. Just in case they're dehydrated too. <3

I am going to make her take a tepid shower and then smother her under cool wet washcloths while I make dinner and stuff. Poor burny bean.
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[ profile] karotsamused here.

So, to start off, before I make rampant fun of my girlfriend, I'll begin with a notice from Cupcake Land last night.

Rune: *around the middle of the night, trying to get me to roll over* *nudge*
Me: *mumble mumble*
Rune: Aaahh, just roll over--
Me: Yeah, but-- *snuggle!* Stupid salad dressing.
Rune: . . .
Me: Nnh. *GLOMP*


Now then. We have been watching Super Junior vids this morning (thanks, girlfriend) and I was reminded of another day when Rune was looking up images of the boys for Sweet Design (If you're not clued in, we like 5/13ths of SuJu and the rest are now called Bling Bling Balls). Later on she had a dumb moment and blamed it on "too much Stupor Junior".

Cue XD

Then, this morning, after watching many a Youtube vid, she comments to me, "I like our girls. --BOYS! OUR BOYS I LIKE OUR BOYS."


Stupor Junior indeed.
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[ profile] karotsamused speaking. At the moment, Rune is chowing down on fast food because THERE ARE NO PLATES IN THE OLD APARTMENT. All the kitchen stuff aside from the pantry snacks are iiiiin the neeeew kitchen.

...Where are we going to put all this?

...Also Sasuke is so badass. I'm going to miss him when he gets put in that barrel.


Mar. 6th, 2007 11:37 pm
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Karot here.

Rune: *driving the car doo doo doo*
Rune: *sneezes three times in rapid succession*
Rune: *shakes herself... looks around, then up, very much a deer in headlights*
Rune: *...* *shakes herself again and drives*
Me: ...You okay?
Rune: Aaaaaahhh.
Me: Sneeze your brains out?
Rune: Yus. I had a moment where I forgot where I was, and then I was like WHY AM I DRIVIN A CAAAR?
Rune: *flaaaaaaily!*
Me: So what you're saying is that when you looked up just then it was the look of "Holy crap! A moonroof!"
Rune: asdf;lkjadsgh *flail flail flaaail* a;ldkf
Rune: ... Rar.
Me: *this is meeeee laughing at yooooou*

...My girlfriend is made of win and awesome. Srsly. There are no words for how hard I laughed.
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Hallo there, it's [ profile] karotsamused again with another hijack-tastic update. Otherwise Rune would never use her journal. For those of you who are new and don't know me, I'm Rune's girlfriend/fiancee/significant other/better worse better half.

At the moment she's making obscene jokes about the five and one half pounds of ground beef we bought and she is now portioning into one-pound balls. Of meat.

But I am here to regale you with the tale of yesterday, of the trip to Disneyland!

Oh wait. Let me say that one again.


If I knew how to make sparkly text I swear that thing would SPARKLE WITH THE LIGHT OF A THOUSAND GAIS.
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While watching Cars:

Me ([ profile] karotsamused): They're (Doc and the Sherriff) so gay together!
Rune: I know!
Me: Happy little gay cars.
Rune: Ohhhh *makes face*
Me: What.
Rune: Gojyo's just sitting in my head trying to figure out the logistics of car sex.
Me: ...Use... oil?
Rune: He got as far as tailpipes before I said NO MORE
Me: You know these cars have tongues.
Rune: Eeeeesh!! I thought we said rimming was a never times play!!
Me: What else are cars supposed to do?
Rune: I guess your tailpipe's easier to clean than other things.
Rune: ...Well, I mean, it's not like he's licking your oil pan.
Me: ...

One day Rune swears she'll update again, but likely it'll only happen when I take dictation. Life has been wonky for all involved.
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The three of us (Rune, Me, and Rune's Roomie) are watching the Disney Original movie Jump In!

Corbin Bleu is RIDICULOUSLY gay. All you have to do is listen to him speak.
The movie itself is about a boxer (Corbin) learning to love... double dutch jump rope. And break the news to his boxer father.
"No son of mine---"

Me: This movie is totally a metaphor.
Rune: It is!
Roomie: It's not -even- a metaphor. It's a simile.
Us: XD

Rune: I don't think I like those boys you been hangin' out with...

Not only is he pretty like a pretty thing, but he looks more excited watching all the dudes around him than with his love interest. You get both gratuitous tummy -and- his weirdly coordinated outfits.

And every line is gay. Really. Really. Gay.

Is it bad to think seriously lewd things about a Disney sponsored teenager? But I mean. He's a DANCER. And he's GORGEOUS. And he screeeeeams for -really- sweaty sex. Like the loud, wall-breaking kind. Because. He's a DANCER. Nnnnnnngh.

Also lawl whenever he's supposed to be "shy" about "liking" the love interest? He just looks disgusted and creeped out. EeeeeeEEEEEw girly bits.

No. Seriously. Corbin Bleu. Will somebody fuck him please?

Rune's ETA: No. Seriously. Wall. Rattling. Sex. Uuung. Damnit. Someone someone someone must write.
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Yo, dudes, it is the highly-esteemed and not-oft-seen [ profile] karotsamused ganking Rune's journal.

As y'all have heard, Rune is sick like a sick thing. She is very feverish and not a happy kid. I bought lots of soup so at least she'll be ok.

I have two main points for posting.


Your package came and I nearly died of squee what the hell you guys are so awesome also Rune says hi she's really sick but she loves you both EEEEEEEEEEEE love.


Corbin Bleu, the fifteen-year-old we feel like utter pedophiles for wanting to tongue-bathe.
Watch it with the Mute on

...Yeah, he's really hot.

And now, we watch Sasuke fight Gaara. Yey.


Oct. 15th, 2006 09:25 pm
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Yo, folks, it's [ profile] karotsamused stealing the LJ again for a bit of postage.

We just got back from a 10:50 donut run at Ralph's. We got donuts. And milk. And that was it. No srsly. WOO. It was brought on by Stephen Colbert morphing a donut into a donut hole. And then consuming them. Oh, God. Donut holes. Nnng.

But before then, Rune picked me up and then we headed out down the back way to La Mesa, which was an awesome and slightly terrifying ride through the mountains. Went to Target, and then the Gma's.

The poodles were the dirtiest little fuzzballs that ever fuzzed. As usual. So we decided to give them a bath. So we borrowed a couple of shirts and the poodles, and the Gma's dog, Buddy, got baths. YAY BATHS OMG! And then her parents showed up. Well, I lie.
Her parents showed up while Stuart was in the bath. He was not only the first one to be bathed, but then had to STAY in the little tub while his family came home. The car pulled up in the garage, and Rune's mom's voice filtered in through the door. He made a little mournful noise of a poodle in great emotional pain, crying out, "Mama! Saaaave meeee... why are they doing this to meeee?"
Mama didn't notice. D:

Everybody was in a pretty good mood so we putzed (although periodically you had to dodge THUNDEROUS SMALL DOG STAMPEDE!!!!!!111111!!!!!!eleven! They really like being clean. Eh heh.) around until dinner and then had a great couple of conversationy bits.
All the pronouns I'm gonna use are missing the indicator "Rune's", but you know we were with her family anyway so there. XP

Mom: ...those hot peppers, what do you call them?
Dad: *to me* Hot peppers.
Mom: *keeps talking*
Me: *snicker*
Rune: What?

So I got in on a bit of Dad snark which was awesome.

While we were at Target, we also toddled around the mall and into the See's candy, where Rune got candies for the Gma and both parents. Chocolate mint for the Gma, white chocolate key lime for the Mom, and choclatey goodness for the Dad. Why white chocolate for the mom?
Apparently she doesn't like chocolate.

Dad: You know, your mother -does- like chocolate.
Rune: What?!
Mom: I do not.
Dad: She's eaten it.
Rune: Mom! You totally like chocolate, don't you?
Mom: *makes "Ew" face*
Rune: But you do eat it sometimes.
Mom: *Well duh* For the liquor.

And then Rune's mom and I bonded over how weird Rune is.
See, Rune has this thing where she doesn't like cold things, such as ice cream and sherbet, unless they're mostly melted and mooshed into a kind of loose paste. As a general rule, the mooshing process is kinda weird, and what happens when multicolored tropical sherbet is mooshed is something along the lines of ... well, weird albino poo.
We both watched in horror and disgust, and traded "That's so weird!" or "Ew!" as time called for it.

In other news, RUNE GOT BOTH HER HEADLIGHTS TO WORK! We were at the gas station and she gave the non-working one a good thump. And now they're both on. Fortuitous, since she left them on when we went into the supermarket later. *facepalm*
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So. Hi, again, this is [ profile] karotsamused hijacking the Livejournal again.

I just did one of the grossest things that I've ever done.

You see, back in...when was it, January? Rune got a watermelon to get ready for her birthday party. It went unused, ignored, and acquired a home atop the refrigerator.
A few weeks ago, we noticed it growing things.
Today, we got home from a nice dinner at Panda Now and Rune turned to me, saying, "...Does this apartment smell funny to you?"

We plastic-bagged our hands, Rune got up on a chair, and I held the garbage bag while we slid putrid watermelon off of the top of the refrigerator, and I ran it out to the dumpster as fast as I could. On the way, the bag creaked like breaking, and the watermelon refused to enter the dumpster until I gave it a good what-for. I was terrified of that watermelon.
The smell was not unlike sour death.

I left Rune inside to clean off the top of the fridge, and, apparently, to speculate on the nature of our experiment in ass-nasty.

"I think sometime during the night, it lost its structural integrity, and the bottom flattened out. 'Cause if it had been smelly earlier there would have been a puddle of goo, but there was only the -outline- of a puddle of goo. Also, it was cleaned away with a 409 Multi-surface cleaner. Left a nice soapy smell. Sort of like Scrubbing Bubbles."

So now, the Watermelon Of Ages rests in the dumpster out in the garage. Man. That was a terrifying fruit.

"...I have the best girlfriend ever! Brave, facing the squishy beast!"
Damn right she does.


Aug. 9th, 2006 11:38 am
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Okay. So.

[ profile] karotsamused has hijacked the journal again. There are a few things to be said, and Rune figured it'd be cool to gank hers while I'm on Hayate.

First off, I started summer school ! Whee. One of my classmates? Reminds me of [ profile] ranalore's Senor so hard it's not even funny. He's back from serving with the navy and trying to pass his LSATs so he's taking a logic course. Woo.

RUNE AND I JUST GOT DONE MAKING FUNNEL CAKES! Which are for the win! Fuck you, carnival folk!

And finally, there is nothing quite like being reprimanded by your girlfriend's mother for giving your girlfriend love bites. That led to a discussion of Rune's apparent immaculate conception.

Rune: It's not like you've never done anything like this!
Rune's Mom: *Looks at Rune*
Rune: Oh, that's right, I forgot I was immaculately conceived.
Rune's Mom: I thought you'd have figured that out by now.
Rune: ... *laugh!* Oh, like dad would ever stand for that.
Rune's Mom: *~smiles~*
Rune: ...
Rune: Ahh!
Rune: *changes subject to much less scarring lingerie*

As well as the argument along the lines of "You're not a teenager anymore!" at which point I popped up and cried "I -am- a teenager!"
The only good response to that one was an accusatory, if laughing, "I know!"

Rune is convinced this means her mom doesn't hate me.

Oh yeah. In-laws for the win.
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Hallo, folks, it's [ profile] karotsamused hijacking Rune's LJ to post Con Photos and tell you of their creation.

See, we went to Target to get the photos developed, and had an hour to kill. We went, of course, to the toy aisle. There, we found a Pirates of the Caribbean doll of Will Turner. And I quote:

"Squeeze Will's legs together for a sword jabbing attack."

You can't get much better than that, folks.

As well, we were summarily disgusted by the My Scene and Bling Bling Barbies, as well as the female Bratz dolls. We did, however, discover that all of the Bratz boys are getting along A-ok.

Why? They are all so very GAY.
Some of them have rape whistles. Others can scream for themselves.

No, no really. They're seriously that gay. Adorable, but gay. Well, considering they're supposed to be paired with the Bratz? Uh. Heh. Yeah, I'd take it up the butt too.

Anyway. On to the Con Stuff, on that note. Heh.
Not Dial-Up safe by any stretch of the imagination.

Con Photos Galore! )
All of the other photos are in
Rune's Gallery where, among other things, you can see ME TAKING ON THE CORPSE BRIDE AAAAAAAAAAH...

I totally won. XD


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