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Title: For King or Country
Author: Rune
Words: 151
Notes: The result of a conversation and then silence. I am quite positive that one line in particular is the fault, entirely, of [ profile] karotsamused. So I made her beta. For both of these things she receives much love. (Spoilers for the end of the anime and possibly for severe hybridization of manga and anime canon.)
Summary: Perhaps he had had a plan in the beginning. That didn't matter now.

It happened in the weeks after... )
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Title: Second Sight
Author: Rune
Words: 274
Notes: It's been, quite seriously, months since I've written anything. Without [ profile] karotsamused or [ profile] ranalore I'd never have done this one either. They are brilliant betas. Also? I'm going to go ahead and whore myself out for feedback. Please? Because you love me? (Spoilers for the end of the anime.)
Summary: Roy used to have a dream. Now he has a vision.

They'd told him, in the beginning, that he shouldn't be alarmed... )
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Title: Cats and Dogs.
Author: Rune
Words: 1,098
Notes: Because it's raining again today, I finally finished it.

The bastard Colonel had gone along with it, Ed figured, because the jerk wouldn’t have anyone to boss around if he stayed at the car on his own. )
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Right. Not NaNo, but it had to be done 'cause I couldn't fit this into the story until like... way later anyway. So, here you are, a little Roy/Ed because... Heh. There are people out there who'll like it.

Title: Steam.
Author: Rune
Words: 200
Notes: Totally unbeta'd. Sorry guys.
Summary: Umbrellas are over rated anyway.

He was useless in the rain, completely and utterly. )
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Title: Chatter
Author: Rune
Words: 154
Notes: For [ profile] karotsamused because she indulges the sweater thing. Heh. We should go and see leaves change colour or something.
Summary: There is comfort. Even in the cold.

It was unforgivable. Safety of the country or not, there was no reason any human being should have had to be out in weather that cold.

"You know, bastard, if you keep making faces like that it's going stick that way."

"Considering the t-temperature, I'd be entirely unsurprised."

"Aww, the great Flame Alchemist can't handle a little snow?"

"I can handle the snow just fine. What I simply c-can't understand, is what purpose nature could actually have in being either th-this wet or this cold."

"Heh. You're such a wimp."

"I'm h-hardly a wimp, F-fullmetal."

"Are too. Look, you're shivering."

"Because it's s-several degrees below freezing, n-n-not because I'm a w-wimp."

"Don't think I'm going to feel sorry for you just because your teeth chatter."

"I-I wouldn't d-dream of it."


The scarf was far from new, and the red clashed with his uniform entirely, but it was thick and warm, and still smelled of Edward.
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Title: Afterburn
Author: Rune
Notes: Written for [ profile] karotsamused, because her Ed made my Roy who he is today -- that and the fact that a fair portion of Ed’s dialogue is actually hers. Thanks babe. For [ profile] ranalore too, who somehow manages to make everything I write turn out twice as long as I originally intend. Beta'd by these two as well. Set sometime after ch. 15 of the manga or ep. 25 of the Anime. (Xposted from one side of The Gate to the other.)
Summary: Memory is a dish best served hot.

The menu is extensive, but Roy doesn’t bother to look. Chicken curry as hot as they can make it is the only thing he ever orders. )
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Title: Espresso
Author: Rune
Notes: Beta’d by [ profile] ranalore. Written for all the people who said, "Do something happy some time!" (Also, please note that it's long! Or well, long-ish. Which, Woot!)
Summary:The most stimulating things come in small doses.

Should I insist you taste it first? )
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Title: The Underground.
Author: Rune
Words: 417
Notes: [ profile] ranalore inspired it and beta'd it too. I'd look much sillier without her. Set between chapters 43 and 44 of the manga.
Summary: It is information shared. A cold comfort now, he knows....

His voice was low, a whisper against prying ears... )
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Title: Lessons
Author: Rune
Notes: Beta'd by [ profile] ranalore. For [ profile] karotsamused. Another chapter in the story of Roy, Ed and what tying a tie really means. (Here and here.)

“Over, under, around and through what, brother?” )


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