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Watched House of Fly Daggers today. Really liked one of the actors. Did a search.


No, seriously. I bring you examples.


Nnnng. My brain is all kinds of squishy now. Hooolycrap. And check out the gallery. Seriously, I do rather think I'm going to need a few icons. Gah. The jaw. The cheekbones. His eyes and mouth. Wrong nose, but then I'd be willing to believe that Roy got that from his mother. Heh.
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I spam. But in a good way.

by [ profile] karotsamused

He shouldn’t have come back. He berates himself, looking up at that imposing façade, leaning against a pillar at the farthest corner of the quad. Yet, this place feels like home somehow, like anticipation and success and exasperation and all of the emotions he used to pour into his returns to Risembool. People there knew him as Edward, and it was one of the only two places.

Ed Elric the civilian stands in front of Central Headquarters and shuts his eyes, remembering.

Fic rec.

Dec. 4th, 2005 06:27 pm
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The amazing Karot has done it. She's written the Roy/Hughes I've been waiting for. If only because it makes my heart break for Roy all over again.

By [ profile] karotsamused

Roy Mustang smiles politely at the woman on his best friend’s arm, introducing himself with an open hand instead of a salute. Maes had demanded he not meet this woman with his uniform on, by manner of sly intimation and the twinkle in his cat-gold eyes.
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Life like a cartoon network filler.
Number of times I was called by the doctor's office today: 2
Number of times it was an actual human on the phone: 0
Price of pine nuts per pound: $9
Quantity of pine nuts burned in the toaster oven: 3 tbs
Blenders still untouched and in their box: 1
Number of food processors I owned on Friday: 0
Food processors I own today: 2
Food processors my mum still has: 4
Fatal mistakes made today: 3
Number of fatal mistakes involving Ohio: 2
Weeks Bug has to find me a job: 8
Miles Nan walked today: 7
Cost of admission to the SD Zoo: $21
Distance between Cincinnati and SD: 1868 miles
Time it will take to drive that far with Bug: 1 week
Percentage likely hood I'll move to Ohio in the next three months: 73%
Amount of this that is Bug's fault: 100%

* * * * *

Dudes! [ profile] miss_arel wrote Havoc/Breda. She wrote my manga OTP! *mad squee* And it's good! It's cute and makes sense and it's Breda-centric. Seriously, it just wins.


* * * * *

If, as you live your life, you find yourself mentally composing LJ entries about it, post this exact same sentence in your Live Journal.
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All right, it's not subtext, or even deep at all, but I haven't used this icon in a while and I wanted to.

Am spending my lunch at the library, which, it turns out, has free wireless internet. My lunches have just become 63% less productive.

Except that I figured out some fairly interesting stuff about vaguely squick-tastic FMA medical spoilers. )
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Is there anyone out there that can tell me the average speed of a steam train? I'd like to try and calculate travel times but I need either miles or kilometers per hour to get it to work.

Also, if you were wondering the distance between London and Munich is 572 miles or 920.4 kilometers, give or take a little.

ETA: Heh, or if anyone could just tell me how long it would take to go that far by train, that would work too.
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Okay, much, much to catch up on. Which means I'm finally getting to some of the comments I've got sitting in my inbox. I'm thisclose to being done. Did take the time tonight to make my first Samurai Champloo icon. ...Doesn't have a single character in it, huh? Well, I did it anyway.

The rest in a numbered outline:

1. [ profile] karotsamused wrote me fic for [ profile] slashtheslasher. Dude, I get to carry a sword! Sooooooo stoked on it. *grins* *glomps Karot* Much love. Much squee. And yes, my partner? The. Best. Hee.

2. One Piece is much better uncut. Really, the blood and everything just raises the stakes that much more and suddenly you're super invested in these characters. Even if the translations are on crack. "My treasure. I put it over there," indeed.
2.a. Luffy gets hotter when he's angry. The Angry Eyes look good on him.
2.b. I figured out why there's so much Sanji love. It's the skinny tie. That and the undone top button on his dress shirt. And his crush on Zolo is just plain cute.

3. Lastly, a Haiku. From the generator, of course.

omi would say
do both realize your boyfriend
is a stupid name
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I have done my alloted amount of Saturday morning sleeping in and now I am going to clean up the house. The parents get home tonight and I'd like them to come home to something somewhat better than a total disaster. Actually, really all I need to do is vaccuum and do the dishes, but still. I hate doing the dishes. Shut up, being an adult means that do the dishes, not that you have like doing them.

But first I'm going to do a little bit of a squee. Or well, not really, actually. More of a "Umm...heh."

Because, I always knew Roy was short. I just didn't realize he was that short.

This means that if you do the conversion he's only 5'6-and-a-bit feet. It also means that Ed is only 4'9", but I'm more stuck on the Roy part.

Rana, we really have cast these characters too tall. Heh.

Though, if you look at the cast as a whole you'll see that they seem to run fairly short across the board. I mean, I'd always figured Hughes to be at least 6'-6'2" and here he is at something close to maybe 5'9" or so. This does show, though, that the height difference between Ed and Roy isn't as extreme as it sometimes feels. You look at the possibilities of growth for Ed and, sure, he'll always be shorter, but not necessarily that much shorter. Though, at this point I'm still amused to be taller than he is. What matters most, all things considered, are the proportions, not the actual feet and inches, and I'm wondering if for the purposes of my own fic I can't fudge things a little. Would that really throw off everything so terribly? I mean Runecanon already has some fairly strong if totally random points that I plan to stick to, so is messing with height that big a deal?

It's also interesting to note that of all Roy's men Havoc is the tallest (he seems to be just past 6'), though Armstrong is of a height with Al, at 7'2". The fact though that Fury is barely taller than Ed makes me wonder about height requirements for their military.

Because Trisha and Hohenhiem aren't included on this list either it leaves a fair number of possibilities open for the height of a restored!Al -- who one could reasonably assume would be taller than his brother -- though, I'd be willing to take a guess at Hohenheim's being well over 6'. Something closer in the neighborhood of Scar at 6'2"-6'3". This means that if Trisha is at least of a height with, say, Hawkeye or Ross, then Al stands a good chance of really towering over most of the men in his life.

...too many plot issues running around in my head to deal with this properly right now. much to think about.
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Rana and I finished FMA last night. Seventeen eps. in two days. There was a lot of tissue involved at the end there.

I am at work right now and I should be totally focused on the work on my desk. Really though, all I can think is, "OMGomgomgOMGomgomg...GAH. Must. Write."

I think the rest of this week is shot.

...also, had a family reunion on Sat. It was funny. My dad's family is weird. And tall.
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*points to entry heading* Yes, in something like exactly that order.

I've finished the manga scans of FMA that [ profile] ranalore gave me and -- Damn it woman, where's the end?!*

Okay, okay, I understand that maybe you don't have the end, or maybe you're going to get them to me later, but when I wrapped up last night I was laying on the futon in the guest room crying like a little baby and wondering, "But, but, what happens?"

Needless to say, that I now have a new OTC and that Roy owns this strange and previously unoccupied portion of my little fannish heart. I even made Roy icons. *facepalm* I'll upload them when I get home.

On another FMA related note, the second disk of that Complete Soundtrack I bought? Actually a DVD. It has textless opening and closing credits for all four seasons. They are gorgeous. The story they tell on their own is also rather interesting. By the end, you're just...when the credits make me cry I know I'm screwed.

Alright, need to finish checking email and then back upstairs for left over pizza and jelly beans. No, the jelly beans aren't left over, we just bought those fresh. XP

*Umm...if you do have more can I pretty, pretty please get them from you this weekend? Please... Heh. I know, I know, no more shinny. But I have gotten more roadtrip fic done, so... *G*
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So, I've slowly been getting myself addicted to FullMetal Alchemist. I love Ed and I love Al and Hughes just makes my insides turn to nothing but fuzzy warmness. And then there's Roy. I've always liked him. He's cocky and a bastard to Ed, and protective as all get-out. He needs Hughes like meat needs salt, and he's got ambition the where most people have common sense, and then he's got enough common sense to make himself Fuhrer one day too. I've always liked him, but there wasn't every really anything in it. Until an episode I saw a while back. There was a war, and we saw Roy, before. He was an idealist. The light in his eyes was the same light that you see in Ed's eyes sometimes, and then...oh, and then there was the war.

The Roy that we see poking at Ed, plotting with Hughes, quietly planning to rule the country isn't the same Roy who left for the war in Ishvar, isn't the same Roy who came back from the war either. There is a remarkable, remarkable man hiding inside all that bravado and dry sarcasm.

And then there are the fic that make you fall in love with a character all over again. I've got two authors and three fic to rec for you tonight. Fic that made me look first at Roy and then at what he and Ed could be together, all over again.

Jelly Beans
By [ profile] kay_cricketed

There is an absurdity to the horror of war that walks a fine line between dark humour and madness.

Roy didn't answer. He was slumped on his cot in the darkness, leaning back against one of the poles that supported the tent. In the corner, his boots were messily thrown against the wall, the top half of his uniform sprawled beside them in the dry earth that was the entirety of Ishvar.

The top few buttons of his shirt were undone, and he held a half-empty bottle of sour liquor in one hand and a tiny black bag in the other.

Maes quietly closed the flap behind him. It was going to be one of those days.

Deaf Shot
By [ profile] kay_cricketed

Even those who return with out scars do not return whole.

He slips into a robe-- a new, fresh, laundry soap-scented robe of terry cloth-- and sits on the bed again. Stares at the closed windows, dark eyes considering, lost and somehow bewildered. The unfamiliar feel of bristling carpet under his feet seems strange after so much time in the sand, sinking down into the dunes with every step. The bed is incredibly soft under his hands, and feels wonderful to lay back upon. It is, quite literally, perfect.

And it is so quiet.

By morning, Roy is sleeping on the floor.

Situation Normal
By [ profile] ciceqi (Sleeps With Coyotes)

It's hard being good looking. Roy could have told Ed that.

Ed scowled, though one of his brows arched helplessly at his brother's display. "What is with you people lately?" he demanded, not really expecting an answer. He hadn't gotten one yet, though he'd taken to asking more often recently. Loudly, and with twice as much arm-waving as the question had ever merited before.

"It's nothing!" Al squeaked, one huge hand lifting to rasp sheepishly over the back of his head. "Really!"

Ed sighed. That was what they all said....

Al would've bitten his tongue if he still had one, but he settled for trudging along silently in his brother's wake. He even took back all the unkind thoughts he'd had at the beginning of this mess. Ed wasn't being purposefully oblivious--he was just plain clueless. And Al wasn't about to explain the birds and the bees to his older brother.


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