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So I've spent my day so far making High School Musical icons. It's full of shiny and happy and sparkles and adorable little blonde girls in tons of pink.

But what kind of world would be complete without some kind balance?

Welcome Bearforce1, everybody.*

Considering that I saw a guy at work with the bear paw tattooed on his ankle, I find this just right and good and proper somehow.

*Seriously. They're not a joke. They're just made of freakin' Hollandish Awesome.
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Having been following the whole Great Purge of Randomness (tm) with a kind of quiet befuddlement, I now find myself, well. Just amused. Namely because, as much as it is mildly upsetting that lj's sense of humour seems to have taken a hard blow to the back of the head with the stupid stick, people are abandoning ship like someone just yelled iceberg. Yes, this is unfortunate, and more than a little unfair in some cases (survivors? RP journals?), it's hardly the end of the world. It shows a sad lack of forethought on Lj's part in the blanket way they've suspended people, but really, it's hardly as though they have a great deal of legal wiggle room when it comes to potentially libelous matters like this. I think it says something, though, when comms such as [ profile] yaoi_daily are still going strong and I think that it's that maybe they're at least sitting back long enough to say, "Hmm... perhaps we should read prior to suspending, yus."

But on the other hand, comms like [ profile] moved_away07 just make me laugh. In a sorta sad, but genuine kind of way. Come on people, it's not the end of the world. Things will patch up, or not, and fandom will move on. After all, how long can it be before wank breaks out somewhere because you can NOT be allowed to do a Transformers/PoT cross over OMG, and all is right with the world again?

Also. GIP. Heh.

ETA: HAHAHAHA cat macros. Lj? You are win.
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Welcome one and all, to [ profile] runefallstar and [ profile] karotsamused's ANIME THEME PARK.

You heard right. Think Disneyland, but for all of your favorite Anime. We've got a few going so far.

Bleach: The Psychaedelic Hollow Hunt: Follow Your Favorite Reaper as they beat the begeebus out of Hollows! It'll be Indy-esque, only you're gonna have Kon in your ear the whole time.

FMA: Most Depressing Ride In the History Of the Universe: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll go home and hug your mother. I'm sure there are a few curlicues in there somewhere, but it'll end with you leaving, brushing snow out of the lapels of your coat, and wishing they let you see Naked Ed a little longer during the Array Drop Into The Gate.

Naruto: Fly through the trees! This one's a suspension ride where you dash with Team 7 (or what's left of it) and Shikamaru after Gaara and Sasuke. Watch out or you'll end up in a sandy coffin! Or a barrel.

Naruto: IN A BARREL: Careening down a raging river of death! You are Sasuke, stuck in a barrel for episode after episode. Think Haunted Mansion, but with lots more of Naruto and Sasuke kissing accidentally. It ends when the barrel is broken open and you gaze into the leering welcome of your new Dom Orochimaru.

Naruto: Konoha Training Park for the little ones: It'll have a ball pit. And Target Practice with suction cup kunai.

Naruto: False Shuriken Ride: You are Naruto, flung by Sasuke past Zabuza - spin out of control through this whiplash of a wild time.

Prince of Tennis: Be Lobbed across the court in this exciting match! Feel like you're there!

Cowboy Bebop: Space race! Pilot the Swordfish II with Spike and blow out the engines of those nasty space police trying to get your bounty!

Samurai Champloo: Sneak through the bamboo looking for gay fireflies. Ah ha. Actually it'd be more like Soarin' - IMAX swordfights, what?

Dai Guard: YOU TOO CAN PILOT DAI GUARD AND FIGHT HETERODYNE! The most Rockin Mech-based ride EVAR. Get bitched at by Ayame and whats-her-face, win Shirota's heart, and SAAAAVE TOKYO!!!

Saiyuki: Ride the Jeep to the West - comes with your own shorejuu. You get points for shooting the fark out of demons, but if they get too close, you lose your sutra!

Trigun: Brilliant Dynamites Neon: Ride an out-of-control sand steamer through the canyon - will you stop before the sudden drop? Bonus Tower-Of-Terror Ending!


Our park's nowhere near full yet. Any ideas?
(COME ON! JOIN IN! It's fun!)
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Yo, dudes, it is the highly-esteemed and not-oft-seen [ profile] karotsamused ganking Rune's journal.

As y'all have heard, Rune is sick like a sick thing. She is very feverish and not a happy kid. I bought lots of soup so at least she'll be ok.

I have two main points for posting.


Your package came and I nearly died of squee what the hell you guys are so awesome also Rune says hi she's really sick but she loves you both EEEEEEEEEEEE love.


Corbin Bleu, the fifteen-year-old we feel like utter pedophiles for wanting to tongue-bathe.
Watch it with the Mute on

...Yeah, he's really hot.

And now, we watch Sasuke fight Gaara. Yey.


Nov. 13th, 2006 06:44 pm
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Watched House of Fly Daggers today. Really liked one of the actors. Did a search.


No, seriously. I bring you examples.


Nnnng. My brain is all kinds of squishy now. Hooolycrap. And check out the gallery. Seriously, I do rather think I'm going to need a few icons. Gah. The jaw. The cheekbones. His eyes and mouth. Wrong nose, but then I'd be willing to believe that Roy got that from his mother. Heh.
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No, really, I've got a possum in a bucket in my backyard and I don't know what to do.


The poodles (who are currently locked in the bathroom and not at all happy about it) cornered this possum and it climbed into one of those five gallon black plastic pots plants come in from the nursery (Dad's a landscaper and there's tons of that stuff laying around here), but now I don't know what to do with it.

Can I just take a the rake and knock the pot over and hope the possum runs out? I can't leave for work with the poodles in the bathroom because that would be just cruel. But I can't really leave the possum out there either.

I really, really don't want to pick up a little plastic bucket full of really freaked out possum.

...animal control? How does a person decide if it's worth calling animal control?

*flails and runs off to see if the five minutes this took to write was enough to make the possum leave on it's own*

ETA I: Possum still in bucket. I went next door and the very nice neighbors gave me the box their new coffee pot had come in and I'm going to see if I can tip the possum into the box. ...Yeah, that's kinda what I said, but hey, I've gotta start somewhere.

ETA II: Okay, no. That box is so not strong enough to hold what is, on closer inspection, a very, very large possum. Gah! What am I supposed to do?
...Okay, I'm going to google animal control. Just to see... *faceplams and relies on the internets like the good little nerd she is*

ETA III: Solution. Find a box trolley/dolly/lifter thing and wheel the possum (still in bucket) to the little gated area off to the side of the house. Let small dogs out of bathroom.
Problem. Discover that there's a hole in the fence between yard and gated off area and yard. Put dogs back inside. Bedroom this time.
Solution: Get out lifter, and move possum (still in bucket) all the way to the front yard and store under some bushes. Prepare to release dogs a second time.
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Just tossin' 'em up. Feel free to help yourselves.

1. 2.


4. 5.


Also? Arm still hurts, but the heating pad is at least distracting.
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Because my dad's Spanish final was a little too much for some of you...

I did a little translating. )
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My dad has gone back to school this past year. Currently he's doing his finals stuff, one of which was a project for his Spanish class. The assignment was to redo the text book how they would if they wrote the book. Dad was given Chapter 1 and decided that the highlight of his presentation would be a worksheet for counting and the alphabet.

Bear almost had tea out her nose when she read it. )

Oh, he's totally getting an A.
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Title: The Rub
Author: Rune *shame*
Words: 1395 (omgwtfbbq! >_<)
Rating: NC-17. For. Um. Feathers.
Notes: Sooo... [ profile] wildelamassu put up a picture of Hazel, happend to say to me, "Poor Sanzo. I bet he has nightmares about being tied to the bed with a feather boa." To this I can only say, "Oh, does he ever." So, I guess this is for her. Because, the bunnies, they come when you're least expecting them. Anyways, I'll have you all know that this is also my first. Porn. Ever. And look what I did! *flails* Good Lord. XD And a huge thanks to [ profile] karotsamused, for sitting through all the flailing. And the beta. *G*
Summary: Everyone has nightmares. Even Sanzo.

A short struggle only manages to send a cloud of *something* floating into the air. )
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An email conversation in which [ profile] pvt_tiger and I debate the relative merits of the names of my future cats.

Me: *talking about two kittens I found on a rescue site* They're little enough so that renaming them wouldn't wig you out too much, right?
PT: I suppose. But I like them as Walter and Oliver. They're cute-nerdy-boy names!
Me: I just don't like the name Oliver. But also, I was thinking of taking one of the little grey girl kittens from the other batch. They all have such big blue eyes.
PT: Oliver is nowhere near as offensive a name as Kevin. God, I hate that name.
Me: Hee. Also, I would never name anything that. Except maybe a slug. 'Cause having a pet slug named Kevin would just be awesome.
PT: Okay, that may be the only instance where that name is permissible. Heh. A banana slug named Kevin....
Me: *griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins* Oh yeah. Oh. Yeah.
PT: I was also going to suggest a turtle named Kevin, but he would just be bitchy.
Me: Yeah, he'd be a biter. And you'd have to keep him in his own tank because he'd be mean to the other animals. Even if they were just fish. He'd eat 'em.
PT: Exactly. He'd also be the sort to disappear to crap unseen in the back of the cupboard under the sink if you ever let him out. And you'd find it like a month later after enduring an wretched, unknown stench all the while.
Me: But just getting him out of there in the first place would be an ordeal to begin with. He'd move really fast for a turtle and instead of pulling back into his shell he'd snap at you and then you'd need a band aide, which of course, you'd be out of. This would mean a trip to the store allowing him valuable, "crap behind the old container of Comet," time.
PT: Kevin's such a dirty bastard.


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