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So that I don't have to write it:

In which Jae totally kicks Bobby Flay's ASS and Iron Chef is never the same.

Unf, subconscious, unf.
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Title: Chef's Special
Author: Rune
Words: 1,236
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] ranalore, because this crack just won't stop. Beta'd by [ profile] karotsamused, and based roughly (okay, more than roughly) on first this and then this.
Summary: It is her job to cook food for people. And then there are those that she feeds.

Today was different however. Her daughter, her youngest son too for that matter, had made her promise to watch the show, at least a little. )
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NV and FMA/Naruto crossover
3V an NV AU
KV a CV AU crossover

Not to forget:

Followthrough an FMA epic
Hollow Men a Saiyuki epic
Lamplighters an FMA oneshot

...*winces as her creativity bottlenecks somewhere between fingers and keyboard*



Feb. 8th, 2006 12:41 pm
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Following my previous post... *snicker*

Thanks to [ profile] s1ncer1ty for image. XD
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So... stay up all night and what happens next? You end up rec-ing bizare and cracked out Weiss porn. Ohyeah.

Two assassins walk into a bar...

Another peanut bounced across the counter, glancing off Ken’s hand and spinning on the glossy wood.

Ken slammed his hand down on the small, round nut as Farfarello reached for it, catching the tips of the other man’s fingers under his palm. "That’s mine now."

"Including my fingers?"

by Ningengirai

And then you have a Schwartz that's all... Nice?

"Why... is Schwarz.....being so nice...? Why?" Omi sounded like he'd rather not have wasted the effort to speak, and he looked better when he lapsed into silence yet again.

"Crawford... ... said so." Nagi struggled for an explanation as to why Schwarz had taken the orphan in. "This is probably too late... I never wanted to fight Weiss. I never wanted to fight you. I did so because Crawford ordered us to. I can't answer your questions... I'm sorry... I don't know how. Because I don't know why exactly, either."

They were interrupted by a knock on the door. At Nagi's greeting, Crawford came in.

"Have I arrived too late, or just in the nick of time?" he asked, sitting down on Nagi's bed. "I knew you were going to ask that... I've come with the only explanation I could possibly give you." Omi waited patiently.
"You... remind me of my son."

Glass Castles
by Yami Bakura
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I told you I'd make you an icon.

BWAHahahahah! Karot's art totally wins the internet. *G*

Also? *points to icon* I made one of my own. Oh yeah. Roy!kitty. The most dangerous beastie on the block. At least if you're a bird.... *snickers*
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My cupcakes are a success despite the fact that my mixing arm is more than a little tired. The incident only serves to remind me to get that kitchenaide from the Gma sooner rather than later.

Also reminds me I need to purchase a large tupperware type thing because currently every pot I own that has a lid, is full of cupcakes. I didn't just want them to dry out, so... Heh. Yeah, tupperware.

And now I go to stay up way too late reading Ch. 48 of FMA. Guh. My love? It has not waned.

ETA: Trolling my past posts tonight looking for something, I came across this little jem from [ profile] ranalore instead. She was talking about if Aya and Ken ever dated:

He and Ken would be uberprotective of each other, and Omi would say, " do both realize your boyfriend is a professional assassin, right? Who can take care of himself?"

"Except against people with guns," Yohji would point out. "Or, well, schoolgirls with guns. All the other people with guns seem to miss. Which is good, what with Aya's tendency to--"

"Yeah, thanks, Yohji," Omi would say quickly as Ken went pale and Aya scowled. "That helped."

I am still much amused. *G*


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