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In the car on the way home from the airport tonight...

Bear: ...and then I remembered, tattoos aren't for seasons.

Oh yes, the Bear has returned from college for Christmas break.
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Stupid introspection. )

In other news, my right wrist is killing me. I think I might just ice it. Ow.
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When I talk to my sister, I want to go out and make the world better.

As background, Bear works with Houston homeless every week, giving food and just generally helping out at the shelter.

Bear: sometimes life is entirely too much for me
Runestarr: You and me both.
Runestarr: What's up with you?
Bear: I told this homeless guy tony I would look up info about san diego for him
Bear: and bring it to him tomorrow night
Bear: and I'm crying right now
Bear: cuz I can't handle the fact that anyone is homeless
Bear: his eyes
Bear: he looked at me
Bear: it's not fair
Bear: it's not fair
Bear: why
Bear: it doesn't make sense
Bear: there's no reason why he shouldn't be safe right now

...I love my sister so much.
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But we love her for it.

We talked on the phone today.

Me: How are you?
Bear: Really excited.
Me: Oh? About what?
Bear: Lepers.
Me: Whu'!?
Bear: Yup. I'm going to India to work with a leper colony this summer.
Me: ...Rock on.
Bear: Ohyeah.
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She's in Dallas, safe and sound.

The call came in earlier today and my dad got a hold of me, and so we know she's okay. I talked to her later this evening and she seems to be in good spirits, though she's worried about people she knows who had to stay, like some of the homeless folks she works with at the food bank.

My sister? Is the best kid in the world.

*sends prayers and thoughts to everyone in Rita's path*

Stay safe out there everyone.
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Email dad and I just received from the kid sister...

capming out in college station tonight, with friends. Leaving for Dallas early
tomorrow. We have a full tank of gas and no cares in the world. WE already took
16 hours to go essentially 1.5 hours away from Houston, so no worries. We will
get to dallas, and enjoy the long weekend. We're out of Houston, so all is
right with the world so far. DO NOT WORRY!! Papa tell mama that, cuz I have a
feeling she's worrying. keep up the good work, and email me so when I check
next I feel loved. I walked on the freeway last night. Don't tell mama that,
but it was cool and scary, the traffic was going .2 miles and hour, so not
really dangerous, but still, I can say I have walked down the middle of a
major interstate without fear. Muah. I lurv you. tell grandma and the pups I
miss them.

Bear the fearless/kinda scared foolia

p.s. I drove 16 hours straight, and am proud. you should be too.

Aaaaaand so the drama continues. At least she's in good spirits. Heh.
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Spoke with my dad, and Bear's still not there yet. Apparently traffic is almost entirely stopped, though they'd finally started moving again around the same time they spoke.

They figure on getting into Dallas some time this evening.

I, on the other hand, am going to go and put more gas in my car while I can still afford it.


Sep. 21st, 2005 09:46 pm
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My kid sister, Bear, is at college at Rice University in Houston. She's just been evacuated to Dallas.

She's going to call me when she gets in. Apparently it's normally an eight hour drive, but right now it's 12 and the main freeway out of Houston as North-bound traffic going in all lanes. My mother is all worried and I can't blame her.

First paycheck from the new job? May end up flying Bear home.



Jun. 7th, 2005 09:20 am
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Rune: *dials home*
Bear: *answering phone* Hello?
Rune: Hey, babe.
Bear: Who is this?
Rune: *long suffering* Can I talk to mom?
Bear: You're a stranger.
Bear: Moooooooom. Maaaaaaama.
Mama: *garbled and in the background*
Bear: There's a stranger on the phone, you talk to them.
Mama: *deeply suspicious* Hello?
Rune: Hi, Mom.
Mama: Bear!
Bear: *garbled yelling followed by insane laughter*
Rune: She's weird.
Mama: You asked for her.
Rune: She's your daughter.
Mama: But you're her big sister.
Rune: Can this just be Papa's fault?
Mama: *pauses to consider*
Bear: *more insane laughter*
Dogs: *start barking*
Mama: She's definitely her father's daughter.
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I just have to talk to Bear. She always sets me straight. At least when I don't want to kill her.

I was discussing the situation at work with her today. This is what she had to say about my going to the employee relations manager tomorrow to talk about my my own manager.

Bear: Awesome.
Bear: becuase you are in the right
Bear: and that lady is in the wrong
Bear: and she will pay the penultimate price
Bear: take it, meaning stand up for your self in a dignified manner and after
Bear: she loses all self-respect spit on her
Bear: I mean give her a hug

Yeah, evil runs in our family. Heh.


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