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Birthdate:Jan 28
Location:California, United States of America
'S a list of things of moderate interest. Woo.

1. Happily married. Woot.
2. Makes a living helping people. EPIC NINJA TRAINING CONTINUES ON THE SIDE.
3. Yay! We live in a place with almost perfect weather!
4. Boo! Our gas costs like a dollar more a gallon that almost every other state! One day we're moving back to some place with public transit that works and the option of just walking everywhere.
5. My family's from Oaxaca, Mexico. Dual citizenship and everything. Puerto Escondido? Is the best place on earth.

Interests (150):

action figures, angry french, anime, ashley tisdale, avoiding dishwashing, aztec gods, bad hoodoo, baking, benevolent dictators, betta fish, blue states, bobby/jean-paul, boymeetsboy, bubble wrap, cactus flowers, camp fuck you die, car shopping, cfud, chamber, chucks, civil war, comic books, commanding officers, cooking, crossovers, cute girls, cuyamaca moutains, dai guard, donghae, drabbles, drawing, duct tape, evil, fan fiction, fearless leaders, fighting the man, finding money inna street, fma, friendly hostility, fullmetal alchemist, gardening, getbackers, giant robots, grammar, hakkai/gojyo, hakkai/sanzo, hayate, high school musical, hiking, human resources, ibook, iceman, iceman slash, icons, irony, jellybeans, john sheppard, john/bobby, kakashi, kakashi/ken, kazuki, ken burns, ken/aya, kids books, knitting, kougaji, leading the revolution, letter, lotr, lupin iii, mac computers, man enough for chad, men in uniform, mexican food, mexico, mix cds, movies, mushishi, naruto, new socks, nickel creek, nightwing, northstar/iceman, oaxaca, one piece, pants that fit, peacemaker, photography, picture books, pie, poncy magic boys, pretty boys, pretzels, puerto escondido, punctuation, random arts and crafts, random blogs, reading, redheads, rei, remy, remy/bobby, robin, rodney mckay, roy mustang, roy/ed, ruling the world, ryan adams, ryan/zeke, saiyuki, samurai champloo, sasuke, scarves, sewing, sharpay/kelsi, showers, sierra nevada mountains, singing along, socks, soldiers, stargate atlantis, stealth woobie, stupid fish, super junior, surfing, sushi, sweaters, swimming, taking over the world, teen titans, the civil war, the oed, theatre, thomas merton, tim drake, tiny but fierce, travel, uniforms, vash/wolfwood, vimes, water polo, weiss kruez, wild adapter, wolf's rain, workin' for money, world domination, writing, x-men, yagul, yami no matsui
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