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Jul. 1st, 2007 12:52 am
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From near the fish bowl of Mickey: *t-clink!*
Me: ...
Karot: ...
Me: Did he just throw a rock at-- we aren't letting you out so quit throwing rocks at your bowl!
Karot: ...
Karot: XD

Yuh. We have the weirdest fish ever. Apparently Mickey has decided to redecorate his bowl by flinging his little pebbles around. Crazy bastard.

In other news, we accomplished nothing today beyond going to the store for the olive oil we needed to cook dinner and managing to read 3/4 of a novel out loud. I didn't even put on any pants until well after 7:00. Today has been wonderful.

...new icon too. I are sneaky sneaky like a sneaky sneak. In Mexico we train our ninjas from wee.


Jun. 18th, 2007 05:29 am
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It is 5:29 am. I have to leave for work in the next five minutes while hopefully keeping rather unusually spazy poodles from escaping.

My girlfriend is getting her wisdom teeth out today and won't be home until Thursday or Friday and I miss her already. Sleeping in that stupid bed isn't as comfortable with only one person.

Last night I somehow convinced myself I was either going to sleep through the alarm on my phone or the Gma was going to fall down in the night while going to the bathroom and die and I was going to miss it, so I keep waking up ever hour and a half and now I just want to go home, feed my fish and sleep in my own bed. That or go and check on my girl to see how she's doing. Mrr.

Fortunately mama gets back from Puerto today, or at least her flight gets in. I pick her up down by the border (The KFC down by the border because she is awesome and random. HEH.) tomorrow morning, making tonight my last night away from my own bed for a while.

...When Karot gets home I may hole us up in the apartment for several days and just ignore the world in favor of quality time spent staring at the fish.
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Today is [livejournal.com profile] karotsamused's birthday*. I feel the world should know and celebrate as she makes me stupidly happy every single day.

Love you, baby.

*Am not so much of a cradle robber yay!


May. 31st, 2007 06:33 pm
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It should be noted that Karot and I are Officially moved out of the old place. Left the keys on the counter along with a forwarding address and cruised on out the door.

...wow. Hee. It's all kinds of odd and relief filled and everything. Does kind of mean I really DO have to finish unpacking all those books now. Eh heh.
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[livejournal.com profile] karotsamused here.

So, to start off, before I make rampant fun of my girlfriend, I'll begin with a notice from Cupcake Land last night.

Rune: *around the middle of the night, trying to get me to roll over* *nudge*
Me: *mumble mumble*
Rune: Aaahh, just roll over--
Me: Yeah, but-- *snuggle!* Stupid salad dressing.
Rune: . . .
Me: Nnh. *GLOMP*


Now then. We have been watching Super Junior vids this morning (thanks, girlfriend) and I was reminded of another day when Rune was looking up images of the boys for Sweet Design (If you're not clued in, we like 5/13ths of SuJu and the rest are now called Bling Bling Balls). Later on she had a dumb moment and blamed it on "too much Stupor Junior".

Cue XD

Then, this morning, after watching many a Youtube vid, she comments to me, "I like our girls. --BOYS! OUR BOYS I LIKE OUR BOYS."


Stupor Junior indeed.
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Last post before I unplug the internet. Hopefully the new place is ready to be plugged in, otherwise... well, we'll see you all soon, I hope.
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We're trying to get through as much Naruto on the TiVo as we can before the service gets turned off on Saturday. This means I'm watching while very tired and exceptionally snarky.


I am so painful... )

...soooooo... We watched up until spoiler fought spoiler and the big spoiler died and we both cried and felt silly, but they cut out Kakashi's part 'cause the ep recorded funny, and now we're home but they've already turned the cable off and that means all the eps we had left are gone.

Anyone out there want to pimp us tv shows by sending us disks? We're gonna be cable-less and completely susceptible to all kiiiiiiiiiiinds of suggestion. H-harrr.
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[livejournal.com profile] karotsamused speaking. At the moment, Rune is chowing down on fast food because THERE ARE NO PLATES IN THE OLD APARTMENT. All the kitchen stuff aside from the pantry snacks are iiiiin the neeeew kitchen.

...Where are we going to put all this?

...Also Sasuke is so badass. I'm going to miss him when he gets put in that barrel.
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Kitchen is now approximately 70% clean. The rubber gloves were a God-send and I fully intend to use them when I've worked up the nerve to tackle the stove. *shudders* Ew stove.

In other news we're now about to put together an unreasonably large number of boxes and then drive several of said boxes (once filled) to the new apartment. Whee to moving in by fits and starts.

It's eight o'clock and we need to find some leftovers to eat. I'm thinkin' maybe that KFC. Mmm.

Cozy Home.

May. 6th, 2007 04:15 pm
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We have. An apartment. U-unf.

Pictures to come this evening 'cause I never remember to post this kind of stuff until like five minutes before we have to walk out the door.*

Vienna Teng concert here we come.

*There would be more abject squee but we both just woke up from a nap. Aharrrr.


Mar. 24th, 2007 02:39 am
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Girlfriend is gone to see her parents for the week. This means the bed will be too big and also cold. Dunwanna go to sleep now.

But she made me a gorgeous icon which I am now going to show off. I love spring.


Mar. 7th, 2007 09:25 am
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Somewhere in the alley behind where I no longer park my car, there is construction. I think maybe it is the tree trimmers working in the palms that line the street.

Warmer today than it has been, the weather predicts near 80, despite the rain last night. My knee was aching so I knew in advance anyway, but I can hardly mind. It's finally warm enough for my girl to sleep in nothing but a sheet and she is beautiful.

I have been up since six this morning, and even though I tried to sleep for an hour or so, my body just wouldn't have it. Far too early a start if you ask me, but then it gives me this. Maybe later I will clean up the room. Hanging up the laundry will keep me from being frowned at, and I do admit to enjoying less wrinkled clothes as well.

The trees are still falling in the distance, the buzz of chain saws and gas hedge trimmers removed enough that it is like the drone of giant bees. The honey they make is the reminder that spring is coming.

She is beautiful and sleepy. "Put Hayate down and cuddle?"

It is impossible to say no.


Mar. 6th, 2007 11:37 pm
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Karot here.

Rune: *driving the car doo doo doo*
Rune: *sneezes three times in rapid succession*
Rune: *shakes herself... looks around, then up, very much a deer in headlights*
Rune: *...* *shakes herself again and drives*
Me: ...You okay?
Rune: Aaaaaahhh.
Me: Sneeze your brains out?
Rune: Yus. I had a moment where I forgot where I was, and then I was like WHY AM I DRIVIN A CAAAR?
Rune: *flaaaaaaily!*
Me: So what you're saying is that when you looked up just then it was the look of "Holy crap! A moonroof!"
Rune: asdf;lkjadsgh *flail flail flaaail* a;ldkf
Rune: ... Rar.
Me: *this is meeeee laughing at yooooou*

...My girlfriend is made of win and awesome. Srsly. There are no words for how hard I laughed.
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Welcome one and all, to [livejournal.com profile] runefallstar and [livejournal.com profile] karotsamused's ANIME THEME PARK.

You heard right. Think Disneyland, but for all of your favorite Anime. We've got a few going so far.

Bleach: The Psychaedelic Hollow Hunt: Follow Your Favorite Reaper as they beat the begeebus out of Hollows! It'll be Indy-esque, only you're gonna have Kon in your ear the whole time.

FMA: Most Depressing Ride In the History Of the Universe: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll go home and hug your mother. I'm sure there are a few curlicues in there somewhere, but it'll end with you leaving, brushing snow out of the lapels of your coat, and wishing they let you see Naked Ed a little longer during the Array Drop Into The Gate.

Naruto: Fly through the trees! This one's a suspension ride where you dash with Team 7 (or what's left of it) and Shikamaru after Gaara and Sasuke. Watch out or you'll end up in a sandy coffin! Or a barrel.

Naruto: IN A BARREL: Careening down a raging river of death! You are Sasuke, stuck in a barrel for episode after episode. Think Haunted Mansion, but with lots more of Naruto and Sasuke kissing accidentally. It ends when the barrel is broken open and you gaze into the leering welcome of your new Dom Orochimaru.

Naruto: Konoha Training Park for the little ones: It'll have a ball pit. And Target Practice with suction cup kunai.

Naruto: False Shuriken Ride: You are Naruto, flung by Sasuke past Zabuza - spin out of control through this whiplash of a wild time.

Prince of Tennis: Be Lobbed across the court in this exciting match! Feel like you're there!

Cowboy Bebop: Space race! Pilot the Swordfish II with Spike and blow out the engines of those nasty space police trying to get your bounty!

Samurai Champloo: Sneak through the bamboo looking for gay fireflies. Ah ha. Actually it'd be more like Soarin' - IMAX swordfights, what?

Dai Guard: YOU TOO CAN PILOT DAI GUARD AND FIGHT HETERODYNE! The most Rockin Mech-based ride EVAR. Get bitched at by Ayame and whats-her-face, win Shirota's heart, and SAAAAVE TOKYO!!!

Saiyuki: Ride the Jeep to the West - comes with your own shorejuu. You get points for shooting the fark out of demons, but if they get too close, you lose your sutra!

Trigun: Brilliant Dynamites Neon: Ride an out-of-control sand steamer through the canyon - will you stop before the sudden drop? Bonus Tower-Of-Terror Ending!


Our park's nowhere near full yet. Any ideas?
(COME ON! JOIN IN! It's fun!)
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Hallo there, it's [livejournal.com profile] karotsamused again with another hijack-tastic update. Otherwise Rune would never use her journal. For those of you who are new and don't know me, I'm Rune's girlfriend/fiancee/significant other/better worse better half.

At the moment she's making obscene jokes about the five and one half pounds of ground beef we bought and she is now portioning into one-pound balls. Of meat.

But I am here to regale you with the tale of yesterday, of the trip to Disneyland!

Oh wait. Let me say that one again.


If I knew how to make sparkly text I swear that thing would SPARKLE WITH THE LIGHT OF A THOUSAND GAIS.
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While watching Cars:

Me ([livejournal.com profile] karotsamused): They're (Doc and the Sherriff) so gay together!
Rune: I know!
Me: Happy little gay cars.
Rune: Ohhhh *makes face*
Me: What.
Rune: Gojyo's just sitting in my head trying to figure out the logistics of car sex.
Me: ...Use... oil?
Rune: He got as far as tailpipes before I said NO MORE
Me: You know these cars have tongues.
Rune: Eeeeesh!! I thought we said rimming was a never times play!!
Me: What else are cars supposed to do?
Rune: I guess your tailpipe's easier to clean than other things.
Rune: ...Well, I mean, it's not like he's licking your oil pan.
Me: ...

One day Rune swears she'll update again, but likely it'll only happen when I take dictation. Life has been wonky for all involved.
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*Recent experience has taught me that generally it results in incapacitating giggles and INSTANT WIN. Also plenty of opportunity for happy times A+ molestation. AGAIN IT IS A WIN.


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