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The haiku meme was posted again. And yes we had too much fun with it.

All of my Girl's have been bolded (except the cut tag, which is mine) and the others are, well, mine. Dude, we talk about some random stuff on our journals. HEH.

(You can make your own haiku's here.)

have been flickerings
stray desires nights she turned
to karot and said

continue to curse
and rave at anyone who
comes within a

both opening themes
to saiyuki on my right for
catching me when i

you don dumbass mitch
wry smile ah i used
to be chilean

we were lucky and
one would pick the other arm
punches mitch mm mitch laughs

colds won't kill us
and i might even be a
fatty like mickey

house hours between one
and four build me an ark
fill it with prairie

yeah the tortoise put
us in the mood for a few
minutes in a row

explode so we met
at the gma's for the gma's side
of the family

the tortoise put us
in the mood it was time to
get it repaired

explode topsoil gets
peeled away by floods and
worse than what we now

or even think it
but his heart is a homing
bird winging to her

and the costco of
course me and karot give him
gossipy details

their own conclusions
that's not going to keep
the apartment warm

surprised he knew
how to cast things in john just
looks at mickey then

of the flowery
metaphors or anything
i have been toodling

looks thoughtful i think
i can feel the politics
coming on again

list time so i can
wake up enough to write a
song to cure your soul

but i am here
and still writing fic and all
of this i will get

other and we all
went upstairs again and now
are in the process

of nothing more than
one unlit kfc bucket and
a grey sky lowers

little older but
four barely legal boys all
about my age i

owns for good reasons
hi honey chirps dread when i
come through the clover
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