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We have achieved SOFA.

For anyone coming to visit in the near future, you better be just as excited as Karot and I are 'cause holy crap it's like a brand new world in our living room. I almost feel like we should name it or something. "Squishy" maybe, or "Mr. Snuggles."

Or possibly "Mr. Squishy."

. . .

Mr. Squishy, I think I love you. <3

For those of you who actually care, we went to Ikea on Saturday with the help of my dad and chose the lovely and squishy (woo!) Ektorp in the dark blue. There was a bit of drama getting him up the stairs with me having a sprained-ish wrist and the apartment having an awkward stair arrangement, but we made it. Dad was given an ice cold coke for his troubles and then Karot and I got ourselves pizza for lunch. It was good pizza. Mr. Squishy himself was actually very easy to put together and if he's very good and we end up with a little more disposable income we may get him a second outfit. Or possibly decorative throw pillows. We shall have see.

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Date: 2008-02-26 03:18 am (UTC)
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*fireworks for Mr. Squishy's arrival*

Woot, couch! Congrats!

Our first "New Couch Purchased New" was also from Ikea, though an entry level Klippan. It's still our current couch. Someday we'd like to upgrade to a (rare, not featured on website, but still available at our local store last time we looked) Varnamo or an Ektorp, but for now our living room isn't big enough. :(

Look in the Ikea's As-Is department for new outfits for Mr. Squishy! Our own local Ikea *always* has Ektorp slip covers in the As-Is, from people who took them home and decided they didn't go with the decor, or from the showroom displays. Usually half price or better, just because the original packaging is opened or missing.

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Date: 2008-02-26 05:45 am (UTC)
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Dude! I had no idea, seriously. Now both Karot and I are looking forward to outfitting Mr. Squishy in all kinds of pretty clothes. Hee!

Hearing your story I know you'll understand my insane squee over this sofa. I've wanted this exact one since the very first time I went to Ikea ever. It was instant sofa-lust. Raaaar. ...I do have to admit that this sofa is just barely small enough to fit in here. Damn those stairs cut it close. XD

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Date: 2008-02-28 03:11 am (UTC)
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Yeah, Tav and I used to make daydreaming goal-setting day trips to the IKEA long before we could actually afford to start furnishing our home from there, and long before we lived so close to one of their stores. That's when we found the Varnamo and fell in love, even before they introduced the very similar Ektorp to mostly replace it, I think. Back in the day... *creaks in rocking chair*

Now that we're about a mile away from a big IKEA, almost every piece of furniture we own is from there, heh. And lots of it from the As-Is. Living so close means we can stop in often and it's no big deal if we don't find what we want in the As-Is, we just try again in a week or two. As-Is is a great source for high quality bedsheets and dishes and such, too, especially if you don't mind mismatched sets.

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Date: 2008-02-28 03:15 am (UTC)
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And then there's the story of the previous couch we had, a heavy used 3-seater thing, and how we almost couldn't get it into the bedroom-being-used-as-living room (actual living room being used as office/computer room and having no room for anything else), and we couldn't get it back out of the hallway, and we had to lean it into the bedroom-used-as-bedroom with me squished under it on the end holding it propped up, while Tav hurried to take the hinges off the living room door so it would maybe fit through, and I had no idea if it would work, and was dying of squishedness and hysteric giggles.

Aw yeah. Good times.


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